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Culture helps to solidify a Kingdom, allowing for unity across races giving the people a common identity. The people of StormHaven have a culture all there own, it is a culture that has been shaped by many experiences, War, Disaster, Famine, and more.   The Kingdom has often been at war, against Lorem, Aminara, and suffered raids from the various entities that have appeared in the Wilds since the succession war, and its near collapse during StarFall is far from forgotten. As such martial prowess is important to the people of StormHaven, tournaments are often held in the cities across the Kingdom to test the Knights, and many peasants get basic spear training, especially along the borders.   The constant tournaments, featuring events such as archery competitions, jousts, and duels. Have caused competitions to become an integral element in this culture.       *Names come from English-French-Gaelic*

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Examples Include: Elara, Morganna, Elyzyna, Ysanna, Barbanna,

Masculine names

Examples Include: Agrane, Agrore, Dunyn, Rodyrick, Tristane, Edwore, Bedyctor,

Family names

Examples Include: Greenford, Kingsley, Wickston, Hawkton, Copperton, Moorcroft, Moorsly,


Major language groups and dialects

Common, Elven.

Shared customary codes and values

Honor, Justice, Prowess.

Average technological level

The people of StormHaven prefer to use Enchantments, they weave magic into everything from the stone which makes their homes, to the armor they wear and weapons they wield.

Art & Architecture

Stone statues dot the towns and cities of StormHaven, they often depict famous Knights from the Kingdom, Elven, Human, Half-Elven.   StormHaven prefers Stonework, the most common is standard grey stone bricks, which can be enchanted to make it more durable. Even the smallest villages have at least one stone guard tower.   Paintings typically are done in a vibrant style, depicting both enchanting landscapes, and and plated Knights.

Common Taboos


Common Myths and Legends

There is an old legend parents use to scare there children in StormHaven. The Legend of the Raven Queen is a cautionary tale of the consequences for abandoning ones Ideals.

Major organizations

Related Organizations

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