Lonely Marshes

Located between the Towers of the Night and The Spikes of Narbu, a sea of Silkweed and Helleborne covers the large area in between. Weaving through the trees and plants are patches of moss sticking out over the water. It is difficult to see where the river ends and the puddles start, making it easy to get lost either over land or in the waters.  
Yes, I've heard of that place. They say very few people live in the swamps between the mountains. That's why we always call it the Lonely Marshes.
— A trader from Limani

Endless Water, Precious Resources

The Lonely Marshes stretches over a large piece of the land, turning it into a maze of water and moss patches. There are a few places located in the swamp that allow for permanent settlements. These rare spots do not sink away into the swamp, or get flooded by the water making its way through the roots of the trees. Usually, the houses in these settlements are reserved for people that require a stable space, such as tavern owners and merchants.   However, most people living in the Lonely Marshes are not in luck. They live as nomads, moving for habitable space to habitable space within the wetlands. Since time immemorial, the Eneb Tireloica has had the task of maintaining the swamp. Making sure that the trees do not fully overgrow the place and that the water always has a way to flow down and through the patches of land and roots. They try keeping the balance between species wandering through the swamp and the growth, all the while keeping their footprint as small as possible. Recently, they have the added task of keeping the paths to through the swamp as accessible as possible.
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There are a few groups that travel all across the marches in search of one item only to be found in this environment: March Pearls. These pearls are one of the primary trading products of the wetlands along with silk made from Silkweed seeds.
Eshil of Illtresi

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Juan BelĂ­o
1 Jul, 2022 21:34

I am very interested now in seeing how the people get plants to eat and fruit to harvest, since trees are so hard to come by. It's good to see that someone keeps the swamp in check though!

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Adventuring through the Lonely Marches sounds super fun! I am hooked by the nomadic people who live there, and I'd love to learn more about their ways of life. I'm interested in the dynamic between the always growing/changing swamp and the people/creatures that inhabit it! Also the name "Lonely Marches" sounds sick.