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At the crossing between two rivers and at the head of a swamp, a town rises from the ground. Build like docks of a harbour, it almost floats over the soggy soil that is part of the Lonely Marshes. A constant white noise of bustling merchants engulves the area.  
Welcome to Mo, conquerer of the Lonely Marshes! You can trade everywhere, as along as you put your mind to it.
— An enthusiastic merchant

Trading Town on Stilts

The unusual sight of Mo makes it one of the unique features of the town. Rising above the marsh, the houses and pathways stand on stilts. It allows the water to flow freely underneath the town without damaging any property, which happened a lot during the floods in the olden days.   In the middle of the town, the largest building also stands on stilts. Famed for its exquisite architecture, the Lonely Market is the masterpiece of Mo. The outside looks like a giant tree with breathing roots all over. Vines creep down against the walls, giving it an eerie and yet somehow welcoming effect to the building. Inside, many stalls fill up as much space as the Merch Watch allows.  

Largest Inland Market

Merchants from all corners of Eshil and beyond flock towards Mo to buy and sell goods. The diversity that the Lonely Market has to offer makes it a prime location to get even the rarest of items to be found either within or outside the region.   The Lonely Market has close ties with the Trading Guild in Limani. Together, they practically run all the large markets in the Eshil. Therefore, Limani merchants travel to Mo often to trade products for favourable deals to both sides.
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Did you know that the elves and gnomes who live deeper in the lonely marshes provide the Lonely Market with one of its most prized trading products? Slumber Flower Nectar is a rare product that only the members of The Keepers Order can create.

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