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Limani Supplies Dealer HQ

Located near the Southern Gate of Limani stand a couple old and rugged buildings. People who do not know any better would walk right past it without giving it another glimpse. It is the perfect disguise for the headquarters of the largest trading organisation in Eshil, the Limani Supplies Dealer.  
Oh, you're looking for the Limani Dealer's HQ? Walk all the way down to the Southern Gate and take the last street left and you'll walk towards the entrance. Just look for an exceptionally large wooden door with the tiniest doorknocker.
— Ashish Ludak

Mash of buildings, one HQ

The HQ for the Limani Supplies Dealer started off as a single building near the docks. It had a large archive where all the trading contracts with the other villages were stored and another room for keeping track of the exchange rate of all the tradable products. Only a handful of people would work continuously in the building, so there was not a need for much space.   However, as the company grew, the headquarters required more space to provide all the workers with a roof over their heads to perform their tasks. So, they build a new building and attached it to the existing building. They broke down a few walls, put in some doors, and that was the first expansion of the headquarters. This happened not once, not twice, but ten times in total.   Currently, the full headquarters consists of eleven buildings smashed together into one big mansion with an open plaza in the middle. It has room for all the activities currently going on within the company. There is enough space for the weekly meetings with department heads, the archives have expanded vastly now also holding a history of all the weekly stock reports, and there are training areas to provide their employees with growth paths.   The Limani Supplies Dealer value their employees a lot and want to make their lives as comfortable as possible. So, they have taken that into account during the many renovations of their building. At the top of some buildings, there is a roof terrace where employees can go for some fresh air. Some have tables and even a little restaurant where they can grab some food or snacks and enjoy the weather. There are a couple quiet rooms where employees can take a nap or do something for themselves to destress from the job.
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