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Kobold or Kohome

Tucked away in the little alleyways of Limani, a small building has wedged itself between two large warehouses. People passing by never notice the building, unless they are actively looking for it. The little fascia with the name of the shop shows the door to enter this shop filled with curiosa.  
Welcome to Kobold or Kohome! We have everything you need for your adventure and more!
— The Kohome Triplets

Chaotic Mess

Once stepped inside, one of the Kohome brothers will eagerly greet his customers. They run the shop together in a most chaotic way imaginary. Items are everywhere, scattered throughout the entire space and stacked high. Magic prevents the items from falling over which is a blessing for these young entrepreneurs.   Daily, they receive goods to fill up their stock of regular items that all adventurers can buy. This ranges from food and beverages for the road, to torches and small equipment for camps. The brothers claim to have everything required for an adventure. If they don't, they take it as a personal task to obtain it for the customer regardless.   However, the most interesting bit of their shop is their curiosa items. Sometimes, adventurers don't have the money to pay for items, so they offer to trade items for goods. The brothers sell these goods to the next person, or keep it for themselves. They also go on adventures themselves in turns and bring back whatever they find during their time away from the shop. Therefore, their curiosa items range from very useful to outright junk. Nevertheless, they love every bit they have.
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The Kohome Triplets
The only way to find this shop, is to know about it. Few people are allowed to disclose the location of Kobold or Kohome, but Friends of the Wandering Lileon are always welcome.

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