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Mara Againa

In the middle of the trading district, three large chimneys stick out above all the nearby buildings. Black plumes of smoke make its way out, as air gets pumped into the system. Connected to these chimneys is a large workshop with multiple furnaces, anvils, and sweaty high elves battling the ore.  
For the finest armour and weaponry, you should go to Mara Againa. If you can get in, that is...
— Ashish the Greeter

Exclusively Exquisite

Mara Againa is known throughout Limani as the place to get the best gear money can buy. They apply techniques taught by the smiths of Eilmari to work the ore and create aesthetically pleasing and deadly armour and weapons. This facility has every profession in its ranks to produce these fine products.   In order to buy anything from this place, one can visit the store that is attached to the workshop. Here, the owner, Mirthal Greoris, will show the pieces and demonstrate their use. These items do go over the counter for a fairly hefty price, as they are all made by the finest practitioners and are hold against the highest standards of the owner.   However, getting in the shop of Mara Againa is not as easy as it sounds. At the front door, two heavily armed high elfs stand and decide who can enter the store and who cannot. People who are not on the list, are not let in. How to get ones name on said list, is still unknown to this day.
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