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Lighthouse of Limani

In the early days of Limani, the villagers were setting up trading routes with the surrounding towns. Since they were situated close to the sea and the mouth of the river Nacheilchomòr, many merchants travelled by boat or ship to sell large quantities of their goods. As the business took off, the citizens of Limani wanted to make sure that people could always find their town safely.  
Dad, can you tell me again what happened to the lighthouse?
— A child curious about history, myths, and legends

Disappearance of an Island

Situated just off the coast was a small island. It was the perfect location for a lighthouse. It took a while to build, especially since all the resources that to be transported over water. However, the citizens of Limani managed to get it all set up. The lighthouse was a simple but effective tower. Stretching up high in the sky, it was a proper workout to climb to the top. They also build a small house for the watch on the island.   The lighthouse was a big success. It brought even more ships to the harbour full of wares to be sold. Merchants and travellers alike loved the lighthouse. Quickly, it turned into a tourist spot. People would row small boats to climb the tower. At some point, it even turned into a sport of who could climb the tower the fastest. The lighthouse became a true landmark to the trading town.   On a normal day like any other, one of the watchers went to the island for their shift. However, there was no island to be seen. It had completely vanished. There was no trace of the lighthouse and the watchers hut. To this day, it remains a mystery to all citizens of the town and the merchants beyond. Many of them want to know what happened to the tower. It cannot just... poof... right?
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