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Gates of Untakh

Hidden between the trees of the Lonely Marshes are two lonely pillars. While lifeless during the normal days and night, on nights where the full moon shines over the foggy swamp the almost come to life. Story goes that they represent the gates to The Realm of Eternal Slumber.  
Ma, blue pillars!
— A child hiding behind her mother as the pillars light up in the fog.


The Keepers Order keeps the location of the gates hidden from the outside world. Previously, the locations of the gates were known to everyone. People could venture into the realm of the dead to visit their loved ones or to search for a specific person to ask their guidance.   However, the Keepers faced a large scale problem as time passed. They found more and more people using the gates for the wrong purposes. For instance, a large group tried to bring back someone who was banned to this realm. They almost succeeded in doing so, had the Keepers not stepped in to intervene. Another group tried to start a war within the realm, which is strictly forbidden. The realm is a place of peace where everyone lives alongside eachother. Disturbing that would lead to grave consequences, which are only known to the highest priests among the Order.  

The Next Journey

During any normal day or night, the Gates of Untakh look like two large stone pillars. The stone itself doesn't seem to be from any mountain. It has a very dark obsidian colour, but is nothing like the obsidian found near the volcanoes in Hesli. The gates are encraved with symbols unknown to man.   When the full moon shines over the foggy swamp, the gates emit a blue hue. The area around them begins to breathe the same sinister lighting. It spreads throughout the wetlands, becoming a guide for the souls travelling through the marsh to find their way to the Realm of Eternal Slumber. Between the two pillars, a veil appears allowing the souls to pass through to the next life.
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