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Marsh Bunny

Hopping over the soggy moss or over the bed of the pond, a small mammal tries to find a tasty snack to eat. The Marsh Bunny used to be the most wanted pet among Swamp Gnomes. It was a very tame and small animal making it a most suitable companion for children.  
He goes hop hop hop, bunny bop bop bop; here have some grass! He goes nom nom nom, bunny bom bom bom; he's my bes fren.
— A Gnomish child singing to a marsh bunny


As the popularity of the Marsh Bunny grew among the gnomes, they begin to capture marsh bunnies to give to their children. As pets, they never got the chance to reproduce. It plummeted the population of the bunnies until the point where it became a rare occurance to find one. Still, that didn't stop the gnomes from capturing them.   The hunt for the bunnies stopped once the consequences became plainly visible, but by that time it was already too late. The marsh bunnies ate much of the vegetation that grows in the swamp, keeping the overgrowth in check. But with the bunnies vanishing, plants grew out of proportion. The gnomes had to do the upkeep by hand, adding a daunting task to their already long list of responsibilities in the swamp.  


The bunnies went centuries without being spotted in or around the Lonely Marshes. At first, the Swamp Elves and gnomes have searched endlessly during their day to day tasks, but to no avail. They left it be after a century and had forgotten about them entirely.   One day, a small group of adventurers managed to get lost in the marshes and ventured into a large secluded part of a forest. It was here that they spotted the first bunny which lead them to a huge family. One member of the party knew about these animals and that they were considered extinct. They marked the forest on their map and continued their search back to the world of the living, all the while keeping the map updated.   Once they were found by a member of The Keepers Order, they informed the Order of the location of the bunnies. As to not repeat the same mistake again, these bunnies are not captured any longer or kept as pets. First, the Order wants to ensure that the population remains healthy before allowing them to be companions once more. However, children are allowed to visit the family and snuggle with the animals under the watchful eye of a Keeper.
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15 years
Average Height
15 - 25cm (6" - 10")
Average Weight
1 - 2.5kg (2.2 - 5.5lbs)
Average Length
35 - 40cm (13.7" - 15.7")
Geographic Distribution
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