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The Rusty Scrapyard

The outskirts of Limani's trading district is filled with scattered small craftsman buildings. The sound of a hammer hitting metal echoes through the neighbourhood. Following the sound leads to a small building with an chimney so crooked that it is a miracle it still stands. With a backyard full of scrap metal, the name of this place makes much sense.  
One day, I'll make it to the center of the district! But fer now, my rusty scrapyard it is.
— Djoric Slambeard

From Exile to New Beginnings

The jolly owner, Djoric Slambeard, used to live in the heart of Dunfaern where he was regarded one of the master blacksmiths. However, after a gross misstep, he was tried and exiled from the land he loved. With only the bare necessities to survive in his bag, he was brought to the edge of Vallahir to set off and never come back.   Eventually, he found himself in Limani and managed to take over the shop of an old dwarf. Eager to take this opportunity to start his life with a clean slate, he put his best foot forward and works hard every day. While the shop doesn't have the equipment Djoric used to have, his ingenuity and craftmanship allows him to make the best of it. The name of his shop has slowly been making its way through Limani and it seems that clientel is picking up.   People like Barnabas Stripepaw and Ashish Ludak guide new adventurers to his place for all their armour and weapons. The shop has favourable prices for these beginner travellers. Besides, Djoric believes that these people can promote his workplace outside the town, hoping that it will bring more people and thus bring him one step closer to his dream.
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Djoric Slambeard

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