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Weaving through Eshil as a spawn from the <lake>, is one of the lifelines for western side of the region. One of the most prominent trading towns lies at the mouth, Limani. The river has become an important part of Illtresi history and will continue to do so as more of the population relies on it.  
All aboard! We'll depart in 5 minutes for Trozo!
— A Ferry Captain

Provider for Many

With important towns, such as Limani, Ralisa, and Asilar, Nacheilchomòr is a very busy trading route for goods flowing from the north into the port harbour of Limani. There is a lot of traffic on the water which increases the chance of collisions and accidents.  

Keeping the waters safe

For that, the trading guilds of Limani have multiple solutions. For instance, they manage a fleet of smaller boats manned by crew that know the river like the back of their pocket. Using these smaller boats, they can guide the larger trading vessels. Alongside the river are many coves and inlets also. The small boats use these to get out of the way from the larger vessels, since they have priority on the river. Because stopping a big boat is much harder than a smaller one making way by going into an inlet and letting the boat pass.   Aside from trade over water, the ferry guild of Limani offers their services on the Nacheilchomòr. Transporting people over the water is inevitably quicker than going by foot or horse. There are multiple destinations these ferries can take people. Large ferries only go to the big cities, whereas the small ones with a maximum capacity of five or six can take people deeper into the country over the smaller rivers from the Nacheilchomòr. These ferries adhere to the same rules as all the other ships travelling the waters.  


However, there is more to the river than just trading routes. It has proven to be a prominent source of water for the farmers. Especially the Nenn have created a way to pump water from the river into an irrigation system that provides the lands alongside it with water. Little windmills are everywhere near the shores. This sight has earned the river its nickname 'Millie'.
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Nacho, Millie
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Eshil of Illtresi

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