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The Wandering Lileon

Amidst the bustling squares of the entertainment district in Limani, stands a tall building painted in the most eccentric colours imaginable. Popping out with its blue walls and orange support beams, it is hard to miss The Wandering Lileon. With its equally whimsical owner Barnabas Stripepaw, travellers and adventurers are in for a treat when they decide to stay at this curious tavern.  
Welcome you to Wandering Lileon! Drink you need?
— Barnabas Stripepaw


The colourful spectacle is not the only exotic feature of The Wandering Lileon. Once stepped inside, a true engineering and architectural marvel unveals. Well, a marvel to some, others find the building shabby and crooked. Such sparkling colours do not fit a renowned town. However, the overall majority of citizens adore the building and love to catch their breath accompanied with a drink.   People always talk about The Gate into The Wandering Lileon. It got the nickname, because the front door is a whopping 3.3m (11ft) tall and 2.1m (7ft) wide. It takes much strength to open the door. However, to make sure that the smaller customers can find their way into the tavern, The Gate has a small portal, allowing normal sized people to enter the establishment.   Inside is the sole reason for the existence of The Gate. Behind the enormous bar on the side of the building is Barnabas Stripepaw, the owner of this tavern. His hulking size demands a large building to move freely through the space. Therefore, the ceiling of the ground floor is 3.5m (11.5ft) above the ground with thick support beams keeping the place up. Still, even when Barnabas is standing straight, his manes and head scratch the ceiling.  
"Pewter Squishy Balloon!" Barnabas rubs his head where a bump is already forming. "Ceiling higher should. Beams flush should."
  On the other side of the ground floor, directly facing the bar, is a small stage where bards and other artists can provide entertainment for the crowd. The rest of the space contains tables in all shapes, sizes, and heights with accompanying chairs. Barnabas and a few members of his crew make their way to cater to the needs of the patrons. Next to the bar is a set of stairs that lead to the upper floors. There, people can stay the night, or multiple nights when visiting town or when they're too intoxicated to safely and responsibly get home. Barnabas has a few maids that take care of this part of the building, since he's too large to go there himself.  

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Nice you be, nice I be. Nice you not be, gone you be.
— Text above the bar


Sandwich Manicore (50cp)
Soup Onion (10cp)
Oink Oink Roast (50sp)
Meaty Random Stew (1sp)
  • Oink Oink (25cp)
  • Moo Moo (50cp)
  • Baa Baa (25cp)
  • Leaf Leaf (50cp)
Water (Freee)
  • Mug (10cp)
  • Pint (25cp)
  • Keg (1gp)
Strong Ale:
  • Mug (1sp)
  • Pint (5sp)
  • Keg (10gp)
Barney Brew:
  • Mug (1sp)
  • Pint (5sp)
  • Keg (HA FUNNY YOU)

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