The Library of Ishallir

Situated near the Northern Gate Lane is a safe haven for all the bookworms residing in or travelling through Limani. Should one ever be in need of a book, the Library of Ishallir will certainly have it. Even if they do not, the librarians know exactly which library in Eshil has a copy. Such is the service provided by Sacred Knowledge, who own this and many other libraries throughout the region.  
To anyone walking by, the Library of Ishallir seems like the ever innocent library. People walk in and out with books and scrolls to soothe their urge to learn and discover. The librarians, all members of Sacred Knowledge, assist anyone with questions about topics and literature. However, hidden in the shadows of the library lies a grim truth of it's real purpose and a with that a sinister the harbinger of change.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
Ah, you want to know where The Benevolent Scrolls of Ishallir are? Of course, follow me.
— A librarian

Oasis of Books

The libraries owned and run by Sacred Knowledge all have the same principle in mind. The interior must always be catered towards the most imporant activity in the building: reading and absorbing knowledge. The Library of Ishallir is no exception to that.   The warm glow of candles greet anyone walking in the library. On the table near the entrance are oillamps for people to take with them to navigate the library and search for books. There are also baskets to help with carrying all the books and scrolls they take. The interior is mostly constructed of dark woods, giving the place a warm atmosphere. There are couches and comfortable chairs everywhere, always with a space to put the oillamp and the basket.  
You need a place to study? Of course, we have tables with little desk lamps over there. Do you need a scroll, a quill, and some ink? They're all at your disposal, just ask.
— A Librarian
  Exclusive to The Library of Ishallir, are the private reading booths. These enclosed spaces gives the reader the privacy they need. A small fireplace running on magical firebeans, adds extra sphere to the space while heating it to a comfortable temperature. Its dim light illuminates the room just enough to produce a pleasant ambiance for reading and writing.  

The Benevolent Scrolls of Ishallir

Members of Sacred Knowledge have long found the perfect place to hide their true intentions while working on their grand project. No one would suspect a library full of librarians to be plotting something in the shadows. Still, they have to be careful not to give away any hints or clues that there is double purpose. Therefore, they work with a code. By asking the question "Can you show me where I can find the Benevolent Scrolls of Ishallir" while showing the true crest of the organisation, the librarian knows that the visitor is part of the organisation and asks them to follow.   After going through a maze of book shelves and racks of scrolls, a staircase shows itself. It is accessible to anyone visiting the library who wants to see what gems hide on the second floor. However, when pressing the right stone, the wall disappears and shows the way to the cellar. It is a long way down, but eventually a thick wooden door appears with the true crest engraved in it. The guiding librarian uses some form of magic to swing the door open.   The first thing in sight is a large round table with the map of Eshil on it. Gnomes are running left and right, bringing papers, fabricating objects, concocting potions, and more. The quest board shows the progress towards the revival of the Grilashi Empire, and all that needs done still. There is also a chart of many faces. Some have little pieces of paper that tell their current status: gathering information, manipulated, under control, and more.
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!
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Dear friends,   The Library of Ishallir has officially finished construction. With that, the new headquarters of our organisation is finally ready to put to good use. We have ensured that we can facilitate many of our operations from this place. While the other libraries may not be as vast, they can all accomodate to the bare minimum of requirements we have. They all have space for us to hold meetings and exchange information in secrecy. Furthermore, every library will have one line for direct communication with the headquarters in Limani. With the building finished, we are now starting on these communication lines. You will be able to receive reports, quests, and mission updates through this channel. If in dire need of assistance, the hawks can request so more quickly.   Here is hoping that we will see the Grilashi Empire returned to it's Full Glory!   - S.K.
— An old letter to all the libraries of Sacred Knowledge
Watch Out! Contains Secrets!

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Very nice! Your description of the library is very evocative - it seems like a very cosy place to lead an imperial revival out of.

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First off, this place sounds super comfy. Second off and most importantly, love the underground secret society vibe. You can usually expect a library like this to HAVE a secret society but to find a politically motivated, nationalist revival sort of situation was not what I was expecting. Great article.