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Towering over houses in the city or the landscape in more remote areas, the Phoenixeries of the Limani Supplies Dealer are a communication lifeline for everyone living in the vast regions of Eshil. These large towers house many WafflePhoenixes that everyone can use for a small fee to send letters or small parcels to friends and loved ones. These phoenixes can fly to personal homes, other phoenixeries, or even to people who are on the road.  
"There you go, Isaac. Give the letter to the phoenix and tell him where to go."
The young boy keeps his hand out flat turning a small scroll visible to the large bird.
"Please bring this to mum, she's somewhere around Chikomo and looks just like me!" He says proud as the wafflephoenix takes the scroll with utmost delicacy from the young boy's hand.
— An interaction between a wafflephoenix in a phoenixery and a young boy
  Every large city in Eshil has a phoenixery somewhere at the edge of its domain or dead in the centre of it. The Limani Supplies Dealer build these homes for the phoenixes for themselves at first to give their birds a place to rest up and feed. They soon saw that the entire population could use their phoenixes to communicate with relatives and friends living far away, but not everyone was fortunately enough to own a bird. Therefore, the Limani Supplies Dealer opened up their phoenixeries to the general public. With little payment, depending on what one is sending along with a phoenix, everyone can use these birds to correspond with friends and family.   Phoenix Keepers maintain the phoenixeries around Eshil. These people ensure that all the birds are fed and that food is ready for those who have just arrived. Scooping heaps of bird poop is also on their to-do list, which they donate to local farmers who use it as a fertilizer for their lands. Once a week, someone from the Limani Supplies Dealer visits a phoenixery to take the weeks profit back to HQ and to pay the local phoenix keeper its fair wage.
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Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

Related Profession
Phoenix Keeper

WafflePhoenix Fees

Letter: 10cp
Small Parcel (<500g): 1sp
Medium Parcel (500g - 1500g): 15sp
Large Parcel (1500g - 3000g): 75sp

Note: Parcels may be no bigger than 50x50x50cm! Do not exceed weight limit!

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Jul 24, 2023 20:06 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I would love to visit one and get letters delivered by waffle phoenixes. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
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Yess me too! It would make corresponding with other people so much more fun ^^

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