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Swamp Elf

The sight of figures sluggishly wandering through the muck, long-limbed and slender, are unmistakably that of the swamp elves. Unlike their High Elf brethren, these tall elves thrive in the murky waters, damp moss patches, and large rooted trees of the wetlands. However, these elves are most well known for their blunt speech, as they don't mince their words regardless of who they are talking to.  
Weird looking high elves in the water? You must be talking about swamp elves! Interesting that you found one in Limani, though. They hardly travel beyond their swamps.
— A merchant

Basic Information


The swamp elves are one of the tallest species in Hesli. Towering over people at a maximum height of 2.50m, their exceptionally long armspan proves useful for their traditional task of maintaining the breathing roots and tree branches in the wetlands. A thin membrane between their fingers and their toes allow them to easily walk through the water with additional grip and quickly swim though the deeper parts of the rivers that cross through the marsh.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike the rest of the Elf species, the swamp elves choose to reproduce using special eggs. While the women are physiologically capable of carrying babies to term, their pregnancies are quite cumbersome in the swamp. It also obstructs them in their duties. However, the most important reason for using eggs instead, is to provide everyone with a means of reproduce, regardless of their sexual preference.   When two elves want to reproduce, they first hunt for a rataufusi that has an unfertilized egg. In a small ritual, they feed their genetic material to the animal. This fuses with the egg's to form elven genes. After a week, the retaufusi will lay the egg in its nest. From that point forward, the swamp elves will take care of it.       With the egg in their possession, the swamp elves make a nest on a covered patch of moss. The patch should be low enough that water flows freely over it, but high enough that it cannot sweep away the egg. The nutrients in the water get absorbed through the shell, allowing for the embryo to grow. The moss keeps everything at the optimal temperature, while the parents are preparing for the child to enter the world. After roughly a year of incubation, the egg will hatch.

Growth Rate & Stages

When the young swamp elf hatches from the egg, they are helpless. The parents will have to clean up their young one and feed it immediately with a mixture of pulped food and swamp water. Starting the second day, the young elf begins to learn how to walk. However, the unique physiology of swamp elves causes some difficulties. The long limbs of young elves are out of proportion compared to the torso. Through trial and error, they eventually get the hang of it and start to follow their parents. Within the first five years, these elves grow almost to their final length and will have a set of fully developed primary organs. They will have full control over their bodies as their parents teach them how to navigate the swamps.   From age five to thirty, they will enter the young adult stage. The elves add a last few inches to their height and start developing their sexual organs and their secondary organs as well. By the time they near the end of this stage, their genetic markers have fully developed which allows them to reproduce. However, they will not do so until the age of 50 when they have become a full grown swamp elf with all their organs in the final stages. In those years, the primary and secondary organs will go through a new development stage to fully adjust to the swamp they reside in, as every swamp has its own unique circumstances.  

Ecology and Habitats

As the name suggests, these elves thrive in the wetlands. Whether surrounded by the still murk of the quiet swamp, or the fast-flowing waters in the treelines, the swamp elves are always at home. With the relatively high humitidy in the area, they keep their skin flexible which is necessary to take care of the swamp.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These elves sustain themselves from the natural bounties of their native swamps. Their food can range from local berries and fruits that they obtain from the trees, bushes, and plants scattered through the marsh. Every now and then, they add fish to their meals that are trapped from local rivers and ponds.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They might not look like it, but swamp elves are great thinkers and philosophers. Picking away at the trees and swimming through the waters, they have a lot of time to themselves to ask questions about life and the universe. They love to speculate how the world came to be, and the original inhabitants of the world.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most swamp have murky waters and a rolling fog covering the patches of moss. Swamp elves, highly adapted to swamp conditions, are capable of seeing through slight fog and dim light. They can also see up to 30ft in the murky waters, therefore capable of spotting hidden treasures that have been hidden by the dirt.
Table of Contents
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Aileve Palus
400 years
Average Height
Male: 2.00 - 2.50m (5'10" - 8'2")
Female: 1.65 - 2.20m (4'10" - 7'2")
Average Weight
Male: 55 - 75kg (121.2 - 165.3lbs)
Female: 40 - 65kg (88.2 - 143.3lbs)
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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