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Floating Fires

In the swamps of the Lonely Marshes, the people of the Eneb Tireloica tribes perform this weekly ritual to make sure that everyone stays safe and that no bad luck befalls them. They also perform this ritual for their bretheren in Mo and Abeko in hopes of providing them with good trades and no scams.  
Dear people beyond the Veil, please protect us and our bretheren from any harm this week. May our offering drive away the evil spirits that may try to haunt this land and protect us from any bad luck from befalling upon us.
— A Priest of the Keepers Order performing the monthly large scale ritual


Every week, one member of each tribe crafts a small version of a Swamp Floater using the local plants and trees. That introduces the variety which they believe is required to continue satisfying the people from beyond the Veil. There is no designated place where the weekly ritual must be held, other than on some body of water that provides enough space for the little floater to drift into the river.   Every month, the same ritual is performed on a much larger scale with an big offering. It usually consists of a few prepared fish, and sometimes the raw meat of a Marsh Wolf. A priest from The Keepers Order performs the montly ritual. At the foot of the Gates of Untakh, there is a small altar where they put the offering.   Other than the added food offering, the ritual itself stays the same. The tribe huddles together near a pond or lake that ends in the river. The tribe head, or the priest, speaks the words of the ritual. The float crafter hands over the miniature swamp floater to the tribe head, who puts it in the water. With a swift flick of the hand, he ignites the floater which sets off with onto the river along with the current.
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Yearly Festivities

The Floating Fires are also a part of the yearly festivities held in the swamp. Together with people from multiple swamps, The Keepers Order organises this annual event to make sure that the traditions rooted deep within the organisation stays alive in all corners of Hesli.   During these festivities, a handful traditions of each region gets a place in the spotlight. The Floating Fires is the only exception, as this ritual is widely used among all swamp people to repell bad luck. Therefore, during the annual feast, an even grander version of this ritual is performed by all the attendees.   While the location differs from year to year, the sentiment is the same. It is always held near a gate to The Realm of Eternal Slumber. There is a plethora of tiny swamp floaters made from materials coming out of all corners of Hesli. A big feast is presented for the people beyond the Veil to, hopefully, satisfy them enough that they will give their protection and blessing to everyone attending for the year to come.

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