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Situated between the foot of Towers of the Night mountainrange and the Lonely Marshes used to be a small mining village. However, in the past couple centuries, it has been impossible to find. No one knows what happened to its residents and where they are nowadays.  
Shono? Yeah, I've heard of it. It just vanished from the face of the mountain after an earthquake, didn't it?
— A swamp elf


Shono sat at the foot of the mountains. It was build along the steep edges and hills. To survive the frequent rockslides and protect their village, the residents have fortified slanting roofs above their homes and pathways. Aside from their home, a small community centre gave the people a space to come together for a meal and socialise.   The other building in the village is the mining facility. It is partially constructed inside the mountain, where the mine leads down to find ores. Shono provided the people of the swamp with stone and ores for their trade. In turn, the tribes of Eneb Tireloica made sure that the village had enough wood and clothing to survive the cold days.   However, in the distant past, a massive earthquake hit the region between the Towers of the Night and The Spikes of Narbu. It ravaged the land greatly, shaking up all the trees in the Lonely Marshes and rumbling the stone of the mountains.   After the tremors had passed, the village vanished from the face of the mountain. A large ravine had split open the land. People from the surrounding area suspect that a large landslide made the earth swallow the entire village and part of the mountain whole. Unfortunately, no one bothered to go look for the residents of the village in the ravine. Everyone assumed that must have died during the earthquake, since surviving a landslide into a ravine was unheard of.
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