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Theorston Thicket

Towering over the lands right in the middle of Eshil are the high trees of Theorston Thicket. It is a sight to behold, especially at night, as the dark purple hue looms on the horizon when passing this vast labyrinth of trees and plants from a distance.  
Don't be fooled by the pretty purple hue in the distance. Come a bit closer, and you can see that none of the trees have any leaves left on them.
But if you come too close, you can feel the chills sizzling down your spine. Someone is watching.. and it cannot be good...

Old Home of a Dark Mage

The most prominent building that stands right at the heart of this doomed forest, is the Tower of Anvar. It is here where Archmage Anvar developed into a dark mage and gathered his disciples to perform monstrous experiments on the students unwilling to join him. Later on, he used random people who wandered too close or even into the Theorston Thicket as lab rats for master the dark arts.   Residue of his atrocious deed still linger in the trees. Stories of old claim that the forest was lively and green before the mage turned into a force of evil. However, none of those leaves have ever returned after his demise. If anything, it seems that in the past few years, the forest itself seems to become more active. Creatures are wondering through the trees and new plants are popping up.   The people from Havalla are very anxious about this development. They are seeing signs from the forest that older generations remember from the time that Archmage Anvar was working on his experiments. Sometimes, misformed animals wander just outside the forest border instilling fear in travellers.   Ever since the fall of Archmage Anvar, no one who lives nearby has dared venturing into the forest. Adventurers and travellers have attempted to cross through the forest, but never successfully. Even when they managed to get through the forest physically, theey never were the same again.
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