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Located at the mouth of Nacheilchomòr, where the water rushes into the Àitemòrgorm, lies a large port town. Home to many merchants and a large dock, Limani is an essential trading town in Eshil, capable of transporting many goods and people further into the region over land and water. Many adventurers coming to this region have a first stop this town, either to travel further or to pick up a quest to start off their journey.  
Welcome to Limani, young traveller! This is the town where many adventures start! I see you're looking for a quest. Go and visit Barney in The Wandering Lileon, he'll know something for you to do.
— Ashish the Greeter

Town Layout

Limani is a fairly large town, and it is easy to lose your way when strolling through the small backalleys. However, if you keep near the city center and the large streets, there are a few districts and buildings that you can find with ease no matter what time of day it is.  

Entertainment District

The town has a vibrating outer rim on the inside side. This district filled with small squares and littered with pubs, inns, and taverns. They provide a great deal of entertainment to travellers and merchants, who usually stay here for a couple days before moving on to their next destination.   Furthermore, this district houses the citizens of Limani. Many people working in the production industry or on the farms just outside the town live here. It is a dense and compact neighbourhood, but still with enough room for everyone to move and for kids to play outside.
Beware, young traveller! Not every place is as inviting as others. Rumours go around that you should keep clear from a few of these establishments, for they are known for their discrimination. Especially Jehzahrs Friend's only let in their... friends...
— Ashish the Greeter

Trading District

This district is the brain of the town. Since Limani is primarily a trading town, it provides an important pool of jobs for the people living in the city. Here, multiple merchant families live, and a few other businesses have their practice here. It is here that merchants make their deals and switch goods for further transport. There are many shops run by artisans and guild members to buy gear and supplies for the road.   The most prominent building in this district is the auction house. It is enormous compared to the rest of the buildings in the city. Everything that isn't traded off, or involves a multitude of parties, is auctioned in this building. Besides a large hall, it has an enormous office where many people crunch numbers to set up sales reports and make sure that the transactions are handled correctly.  

The Docks

The docks are almost as large as the entire town. It is the beating heart of Limani and the source of its power. Ships of all shapes and sizes moor at the docks during day and night. They can contain a variety of goods, cargo, and passengers. Depending on their contents, the dockingmaster decides where a ship can moor.   Docking larger ships is very difficult. A harbour master can decide that a ship is too large to dock without help. In these cases, the master sends little tugboats with a few members of his crew to guide the ship into port. Usually, this means that the tugboats attach ropes to the ships, and that one of the Limani helmsmen takes over the helm of the large ship. Together, they guide and dock the ship safely.  


Main Article: The History of Limani

Limani has a rich history as it evolved through the centuries of its existence. In the beginning, it was a small fishing village of a few hundred people who enjoyed the quiet days that the environment provided. They created a strong mindset and sense of community, helping each other when they need it most.   As the years passed, the village grew into a large, if not the largest, trading hub of Eshil. It began with a small trading pact between Limani and another village. Soon after, the village had many of these pacts and business grew exponentially, which lead to more people flocking towards the village. It grew into a town over these years, expanding heavily on the docks and the trading district.  
See these burned pieces of wood? These are the last remnands of the war. Yes, the Grilashi Empire tried to occupy Limani to obtain its trading secrets! This memorial still stands to honour our ancestors who gave their lives on the Nacheilchomòr, and set their boats on fire to keep off the enemy.
— Ashish the Greeter
In the meantime, the Grilashi Empire was expanding on the other side of the Nacheilchomòr. The government was intoxicated with riches and they grew immensely jealous of Limani's wealth. Spies disguised as merchants tried to obtain knowledge about the trading pacts and ways to no avail. Out of spite, the governors ordered to gain control of the town by force, but they were met with much resistance. The locals held out long enough for the upcoming Kingdom of Illtresi to come to their aid. Together, the resistance and the army drove the Grilashi Empire away from their lands and pushed them back even further across Rudeilemòr.
  As a token of their gratitude, Limani voluntarily joined the Kingdom of Illtresi, which led all the surrounding villages to follow suit soon after. With the new patches of land conquered between Nacheilchomòr and Rudeilemòr, people safely travelled the land. Some would start a new village, others would set up a new business in a town or city. However, with their trading knowledge, they always kept Limani close to their hearts and always led their trades through the town.
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Notable Citizens

There are many prominent figures roaming the city. These are a few of the people that everyone in town loves to talk about.  


As the only Lileon in town, Barney is a hot topic. He is the owner of The Wandering Lileon who welcomes travellers and adventurers of all colours and backgrounds. As long as they behave, that is.
Barnabas Stripepaw
Character | Nov 1, 2022


She might come off as a total wackadoodle, but she knows everything thats happening in town as if she has eyes and ears everywhere. Ashish likes to help adventurers get a job, or giving passing travellers directions to their next destination.
Ashish Ludak
Character | Nov 1, 2022

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