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Slumber Flower Nectar

Acquired from the Slumber Flower, this nectar is a popular product among many. The sweet, yet also smokey flavour is a raging success in some recipes. However, there is more to the taste of this nectar that meets the eyes.  
To treat serious flesh wounds, put two droplets of Slumber Flower Nectar into the open wound. It will aliviate the pain, albeit temporarily, to continue the medical procedures or to safely transport the injured patient.
!!! Use With Caution !!!
Do not use more than five droplets a day, for an overdose will put the wounded in a whole different slew of problems.
— Healing with Herbs, The Lost Art of Medicine

Seemingly Harmless

The delicate flavour of the nectar is unique to the Slumber Flower. People love to get their hands on a pot and use it with cooking as it brings out a naturally sweet and yet smokey flavour to the dish. A jar is very costly, since it requires many flowers to make this pot of deliciousness.   However, everyone using this nectar is also taught to use it carefully. Old books have told many a story of the symptoms that appear after consuming too much of this irresistible sweetness. Common traits are growing pale, or even almost translucent if an enormous amount of the nectar has been consumed. Taste and smell disappear from the nose and tongue, and moving becomes harder and more sluggish. Standing in the warmth of the sun causes the skin to itch uncontrollably, having lead to patients hurting themselves in the process to get rid of the feeling.   Depending on how much nectar has been consumed, it can take a few days for the symptoms to disappear naturally. Those that have had more, are not in luck. Currently, no one knows how to treat the malady.
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Slumber Walk
Researchers know that the nectar is made of the Slumber Flower which is solely produced by members of The Keepers Order. However, where these flowers come from is still unknown to this day. Expeditions to all corners of the world in an attempt to find the flower have turned up empty. The Keepers are unwilling to reveal their location, which makes the flower and its nectar a rare and mysterious resource.

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