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Summer of Cathedris -- SC2023

This July, I pledge to achieve Diamond! Or, as many prompts as I can to the best of my ability, without overdoing things. I've been in recovery mode since the end of my last semester in April, and I want summer camp to be a training-montage-style month of recovering my productivity and maintaining through August. Additionally, I want to try and fit as much prose into my SC articles as possible -- I have a dream of writing a book or two in Cathedris, and this SC is going to lay the foundation for that.
— Stormbril
  Hello all you lovely people! It's almost time for Summer Caaaaaaaaaaaaamp!! Probably my favourite event of the year, I think. There's something so deviously fun about twisting and warping prompts to fit your world, or being surprised by new ideas that spring forth from the challenge of unexpected difficulty. Something about how a blank page is difficult to begin work on, but if you give yourself some constraints, suddenly the creativity comes out in full force to design within those bounds. I love it.   It's been, uh, quite a while since I've written anything. WorldEmber was the last actual writing, I believe, not counting Marchitecture! So I'm gonna need to warm up a bit, probably. Hoping to get a smol article or two out before July!
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We've been shown the future, and it is as terrifying as it is beautiful.
  Physical power. Political power. The power to destroy the world. Look no further than the Legion, an all encompassing neutral military force tasked to protect all of Cathedris from the Rendlings, as they've grown to be the most powerful force on the planet. For too long they've been too heavily relied upon, and worked their way into too many corners of the world -- with this, the Legion has begun to unearth terrible secrets that would have been better off left alone. A secret inner organization is growing within the Legion, named the Altruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture, and it's their goal to reshape Cathedris into what they deem as a "better future".


I am so excited for the theme of Power. I desperately want to write a character article for Dr. Anabelle Evingston (or any members of the ACSA, to be honest). As well, the 15th (the artificial god they are creating) could see an article being made, perhaps. There's also the Resistance, fighting to bring the ACSA's dreadful actions to light, and stop them before anything goes horrifically wrong. There's a lot of fun push and pull with this section of Cathedris, and it'll serve as the main story hooks for any writing I do.  

Possible Articles

  • Dr. Anabelle Evingston
  • Other ACSA members
  • Gifts from the Sky overview article
  • Individual Gifts from the Sky
  • ACSA Facilities
  • Catalurgical Research Centers
  • Catalurgy specializations
  • Resistance Members
  • Resistance team lead
  • Resistance base locations
  • Conflicts
  • Leaked documents
  • Reports of espionage
  • The 15th
  • Extra Credit, The Meta: I have very recently totally updated my Meta to be exactly what I want for Cathedris. I'm very happy with it, and my goals are perfectly in line with what I've written in there. If you haven't seen it, why not check it out?


    This thing looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Like nothing any of us have ever seen before. It's special... it calls out to me. It whispers things to me.
    — Discovery of the Errant Thoughtseed
      To most Cathedrans, the world begins and ends at the God-husks. The globe is shaped by their actions, both present and past -- whether it's the scattering of strange crystals left in the wake of Qetzel floating over a lush valley, or from the dreadful apocalyptic fighting during The Seven Day War. But history has existed for longer than the gods themselves, and there are parts of Cathedris that have never seen the light of day -- not until now, that is. Boundaries are being pushed in so many places -- tech, catalurgy, ethics -- and it's opened certain people's eyes to the unknown that yet waits to be discovered. Strange cavernous expanses below untouched islands, horrific powers gained through newly twisted experiments; a certain group within the Legion is determined to push into these new and terrifying frontiers being discovered all across Cathedris.


    This is where the prompts can get weird and twisted >:) There's honestly a lot of overlap between the themes of Power and Frontier for me (and Relic too, to be honest). I'm going to have to keep my mind as open as possible for these prompts, and let their surprises direct me in fun and interesting ways. Of course, the big things I can write about here are Catalurgy, and the Gifts from the Sky, as those are the main 2 ways that the ACSA are going to be pushing boundaries. Expect exploration reports, experiment logs, methodologies, geographic points of interest, and maybe even some ancient history here.  

    Possible Articles

  • Gifts from the Sky overview article
  • Individual Gifts from the Sky
  • Newly unearthed geographies
  • Unique/Dangerous Catalurgy specializations
  • Myths and Legends
  • Conflict between the Legion and Locals worldwide
  • Discoveries
  • Internal conflict within the Legion
  • Extra Credit, Spring Cleaning: This is again something I've recently updated and fixed up. I'm not a tag user (until we get a tag manager that is!), and I believe I already have fairly solid organization. The one thing I'd change is moving the Gifts from the Sky out of the Legion category, and creating their own 'Item' category. *Goes and does that now*


    I'm tellin' ya, most of those things would've been better left on the sea floor.
    — A wary citizen (From the Dreamshare Shard)
      The largest question left unanswered in Cathedris, a question that has confounded historians for as long as they've existed, is how did the gods ever come to be in the first place? Long before they became the Husks that they are now, what elevated these beings to such colossal titans full of limitless power? Exceptionally ancient, and extremely rare texts seem to mention something about the Days of Creation, a time of upheaval and change in humanity's ancient past. It's lead some to speculate that perhaps the gods were formed by pure chance, from existing mortal beings -- but how, they have no idea. But of course, this is where the ACSA comes in, because their hyper-specific research team thinks that they might have the answer, in the form of incredibly old relics found in the furthest reaches of the world... each relic exhibits strange and disturbing powers, twisting minds and pushing people to the brink.


    Relics! Items of power. There is, of course, the obvious items to cover here -- the Gifts from the Sky. These are 7 items with terrible power, thought to have rained down to the surface of Cathedris long, long ago. This theme then is of course perfectly situated to cover these Relics -- I can do an overview article, or even specific articles on specific relics I have yet to cover (I've written the Dreamshare Shard, the Errant Thoughtseed, and the Waxweep Rock -- that means there's 4 more to write about! On the other hand, this theme also frees me up to write about the history of the gods a bunch as well. What sort of ritualistic items might have been associated with the gods long ago? What meaning do people derive from these? If I need a break from the main drama of Cathedris, I can have fun delving into these flavourful side-bits of info!  

    Possible Articles

  • Gifts from the Sky overview article
  • Individual Gifts from the Sky
  • Days of Creation
  • Relics associated with the gods
  • Histories and myths predating God-husks
  • Lost ancient civilizations
  • Extra Credit, Images: This one's hard. I have a lot of images that I can already make use of, but there are some that I don't have that I think I'll need -- such as character art for Dr. Anabelle Evingston! I'll use the coming weeks to fix that.


    Can you hear me? Is this thing transmitting?   ...   Damnit. Another explosion.
    — From the invention of the Rendulgraph
      Cathedris, for most of its history, has been at the mercy of slow communications that were often lost due to the dangerous environments they needed to cross. But with electricity becoming newly utilized, and the Legion invention of Simulrendology and the Rendulgraph, the world is becoming interconnected at a frightening pace. Old tech like newsprint and letters still exist, but they're often fed intel through instantaneous data transfer coming through Legion Rendulgraphs. Sometimes, often, this leads to stories spreading before they're even completed. Additionally, misinformation is rampant as these old communication hubs struggle to be the first to print the latest and most tantalizing stories.


    Communication is exciting to delve into here, with a world that is electrifying itself in the midst of an industrial revolution. Technology and society is rapidly changing, propaganda is more common than it's ever been, and misinformation is at an all time high. All of these make for such an interesting landscape to explore, when dropping the Legion, the Resistance, and regular unaware citizens right into the middle of it. Secret codes and espionage, strange ciphers and unknown messages, advances in technology and cataclysmic failure all have equal chances of showing up in the Communication theme this summer.  

    Possible Articles

  • Twinflesh (part of Simulrendology)
  • Other Simulrendology technology
  • Propaganda (from the Legion or others)
  • Newspaper and News industries
  • Old communication tech
  • Code breakers + Espionage
  • Extra Credit, Reading old articles: In preparation for the Communication theme, I've gone and entirely reworked two of my oldest articles, written during the very first month of Cathedris's creation and never touched again since! Both Simulrendology and Rendulgraph have been reworked, check them out and see what you think :)

    The Articles


    Cover image: Xiuthan by Stormbril, Confetti background by Jason Leung


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    19 Jun, 2023 00:59

    Beautiful article, as always! *Scribbling notes furiously in my imaginary notebook about layouts.* I'm SO excited to see what you come up with this year!! I think the relics theme has excited me the most so far, so I'm curious which one has the biggest grip on you! Part of me thinks we may be in the same boat, but I could be wrong!

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    19 Jun, 2023 01:09

    Yay, I'm glad you like the layout! I've been sprinkling it into articles lately and have really fallen in love with it :D   I think I definitely agree on Relic being the one I'm most excited for too! I desperately want to write more of the Gifts from the Sky (as I'm sure you can tell with them being possible articles for every theme xD), and it's also fun to have the ability to write other non-story related relics too :D

    19 Jun, 2023 02:24

    Oooh man, I love the quotes in the theme sections, and all these ideas have me hopping for joy for more Cathedris! :D

    You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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    19 Jun, 2023 03:00

    That makes two of us! This is going to be a very fun Summer Camp :D Thank you Dani! <3

    Sage 1337spectra
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    19 Jun, 2023 02:37

    Love it! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in Cathedris!

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    19 Jun, 2023 03:00

    Thank you so much Spectra! I'm super excited to develop more, and play with more storytelling :D

    Master Mardrena
    Mardrena Lockehart
    19 Jun, 2023 04:19

    Weeeeeelllll look who's bringing in the rear nice to see there's worse procrastinators than myself XD. Good to see and congrats on winning Best World from WAA!

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    19 Jun, 2023 05:05

    Hahaha at least I wasn't toooooo late! The 4th homework isn't out yet! Still plenty of time :D And thank you so much!

    19 Jun, 2023 07:45

    WOOOOOOOOO STORMBRIL RETURNS!!! I can't wait to see cathedris prose :D I hope you have a great time getting back into writing!! <33

    I hope you have a great day!   WorldEmber is coming...
    19 Jun, 2023 15:20

    IM BAAAAAAACK! Thank you Mochi! :D I'm really excited, Cathedris is begging for stories to be created within it!

    19 Jun, 2023 08:12

    It is always such a treat to see what you are crafting here. Happy Summer Camp.

    Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
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    19 Jun, 2023 15:21

    Thanks so much Gray! It's a treat to hear that :) Happy Summer Camp to you too, and amazing work on that Summer Camp tracking sheet!

    Sage eccbooks
    E. Christopher Clark
    19 Jun, 2023 11:30

    Ooh, this all sounds great so far. And as an author myself, I love the idea of prose/books set in Cathedris. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

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    19 Jun, 2023 15:22

    Thank you so much Chris! I'm so happy to hear that, Cathedris has been begging me for stories for a while now, and I really want to give it some :D Good luck and happy Summer Camp to you too!

    20 Jun, 2023 15:04

    Beautiful page!

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    20 Jun, 2023 16:30
    20 Jun, 2023 20:05

    Yaaaaay, more Cathedris! I enjoyed your overview of the themes and I can't wait to see what you come up with this SC! :)   Also, that header is my new favourite thing.

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    20 Jun, 2023 20:54

    Yayyy! Thank you Emy, the themes have me super excited and I'm hoping to write some cool stuff :D   I love the header too xD Xiuthan's just so happy, tossing that confetti about!

    20 Jun, 2023 23:10

    eeeeeeeeeeee I'm so excited to see what you make! You've got this Stormy :D

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    22 Jun, 2023 16:38

    Thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuu TJ!! :D I'm excited for you as well, we've got this! :D

    21 Jun, 2023 07:08

    Welcome back to the land of the writin'! \o/ I cannot wait to see what you'll write for Cathedris during this Summer Camp ^^ Have loads of fun chasing that Diamond badge!

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    22 Jun, 2023 16:39

    Thank you Shadow, it feels good to be back! It's gonna be a great summer camp!!

    22 Jun, 2023 17:20

    I love coming here, buddy. So stoked to see what you come up with -- and your take on the prompts we get =) HAVE A GREAT SC!!

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    22 Jun, 2023 18:29

    Thank you Jaime! Warms my heart to hear that from a fellow artist and writer, especially one so talented as you <3 Have a fantastic SC and here's to doing great things!

    22 Jun, 2023 19:08

    HAHAHA, can you believe I never, as in EVER noticed the upper right skull glowing?   How odd is that?   Was wondering why, you being SO talented, would only have a menu on the homepage???   Yeah, I'm stupid. That drop down is FUN.

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    22 Jun, 2023 22:36

    I can believe it! It is a sneaky hidden little drop down, I bet it's missed by a ton of people xD But I love that it feels like a secret discovery when someone finds it, so I like it that way >:D

    24 Jun, 2023 01:55

    Love it, love it, love it. Ya know, a couple years back, someone told me there was a way to hide links in things like periods and commas....and I thought "Wouldn't it be awesome to have hidden sections for people who had to find them by accident, like old video games?"

    Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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    24 Jun, 2023 20:45

    It's such a fun thing to think about, right?? Like sure, it's hidden and most won't find it... but that magical feeling of discovery for people that do? SO WORTH IT

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