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Instant communication at any distance

Here, take this into the other room, and let me know if anything happens.
Is this going to be anything like last time? Because if it is...
Don't worry, if everything goes according to plan, nothing bad will happen. Probably.

The single biggest invention to come out of Simulrendology, the Rendulgraph is a device that allows for instant communication between two points, no matter the distance. The mechanism inside a Rendulgraph is constructed out of Feathersteel and bits of stripped-down, preserved Rendling flesh.  


In order for any device to be made with Simulrendology mechanics, two paired Rendlings must first be found, identified, and killed. Their flesh is then harvested and processed, breaking down the organics. What's left behind is a thick blue inorganic paste that glows softly, known as Rend-paste. This paste reacts to Feathersteel; when a piece of the right Feathersteel is pushed into it, the blue paste will quickly expand and contract. Any Rend-paste that is paired to the reacting paste will also be triggered at the same time.   This phenomenon allows for two devices to be constructed with vials of paired Rend-paste, which send signals of pulses or contractions to each other when poked with Feathersteel. The pulses and contractions are then translated into sound waves, allowing audio to be transmitted back and forth instantly.  
Can you hear me? Is this thing transmitting?
Damnit. Another explosi--
No no! I'm okay! Just couldn't find the button. It's working, sir. It's working!


The first Rendulgraphs constructed were relatively simple. A pair of devices, Rendulgraph-alpha and Rendulgraph-beta, were constructed, and only able to communicate with each other. More Rendulgraphs were soon built, following the schematics used to make the first pair, improving on the size and build construction each time -- though each pair was still only able to communicate with its partner.   Soon engineers and scientists began to experiment with putting multiple vials of Rend-paste into Rendulgraphs, allowing for sets of up to four or five Rendulgraphs to all transmit on the same "network".
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The Inventive Process


The discovery of Simulrendology was taken straight to Hansun's head of scientific research, T.P. Blashum. Blashum had been interested in improving communications for as long as he had been interested in science; so when the discovery of paired Rendling flesh was literally dropped on his desk, he immediately got to work on his latest invention -- the Rendulgraph.   Mere months later, Blashum had his first working prototype constructed, and communications would never be the same again.

Accidents lead to more Success


The road to a working Rendulgraph was not without its pitfalls. Several problems arose during the prototyping phase and initial construction. One of the biggest problems was occasionally getting too much power out of the vial of Rend-paste within the receiving Rendulgraph, resulting in a fairly large explosion when receiving a transmission.   This was sometimes paired with using the wrong kind of Feathersteel -- if too hard of Feathersteel was used, the metal would fracture and explode along with the power source and Rend-paste. The resulting explosion was full of shrapnel and was often very lethal.  
Technology / Science | Dec 13, 2019

Sir, we have a request from the front lines. They said they've almost run out of-
Hello? Who is this? How did you get my line? Get off my line! This is MY private line!
Lieutenant? Who the hell is that?
Sir, I--
Who the hell are you? This is a private conversation!
Jenna, who are you talking to? Is this about the potluck?
Damnit Lieutenant, take control here! Who's in charge of our damned Rendulgraphs these days?
I'll- let me just- I'm sorry sir. I'll go talk to ordenance-
Excuse me, Jenna already told you to get off this line! Unless you're coming to the potluck, kindly leave.


Author's Notes

I'm interested in any opinions on how to make the last "conversation" section read better! I really enjoyed it, and would like to keep it, even if it's a bit silly.

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Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
16 Dec, 2019 18:01

I personally like all the conversations. The last one is a good example of what can go wrong. It reads fine to me. Very interesting device by the way.

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16 Dec, 2019 18:16

Wonderful! Thank you very much then, I was worried it didn't work out that well haha.   Glad you liked the article and the conversations :) Thanks so much for the comment!

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Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
16 Dec, 2019 18:32

You're welcome. :-)

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Sage Dylonishere123
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22 Dec, 2019 20:55

OOOOO OK so, the conversation is fantastic! what ever do you mean read easier? I spose a nice way to make it stand out since that seems to be the intention is to make the red convo boxes center aligned if you can. Doing so could really punch home that its not supposed to happen. Maybe add line breaks or HR to the final one as well to give a tiny bit of space? either way.   I love this! this tech is amazing. I love taking modern or sci fi ideas and trying to make it fantasy. Its always unique and the idea of what seems like quantum entanglment between rendlings is just... OOOOOOOF i cant even. Its a lovely idea and amazingly executed. The layout is awesome, the second convo made me literally LOL. If the second convo is what your wanting to alter, id suggest not having three boxes for one speaker. Maybe combining into one or two but just removing the elipsis or adding a break in one box to keep that even line with the sidebar.   Awesome work Storm! Sorry it took so long. its been a rough week.

3 Jan, 2020 18:00

Sorry for a late response here! I'm really glad you liked the article though!   I wish I had looked at this earlier, because you're right, centering those convo boxes would've been a perfect fix! Ah well, I will remember to do that after the WorldEmber award stream thingy! haha.   I'm happy the conversation at the end was good! Thanks again for the wonderful feedback and wonderful comment. Happy new year!

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
3 Jan, 2020 22:25

Ahhh dangit. Oh well. Still looks darn good. Of course my friend! No problem at all. Happy new year to you as well.

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