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Instant communication at any distance

Here, take this into the other room, and let me know if anything happens.
Is this going to be anything like last time? Because if it is...
Don't worry, if everything goes according to plan, nothing bad will happen. Probably.

    The single biggest invention to come out of Simulrendology, the Rendulgraph is a device that allows for instant communication between two points, no matter the distance. It uses a phenomenon found uniquely within the undying Rendlings, where certain paired organs will instantly respond when their twin is subjected to electrical shock, allowing for instantaneous data transfer across any distance.    


The mechanism inside a Rendulgraph, a Stimbox, is constructed using paired organs found within Rendlings called Twinflesh housed within a small metal chamber capable of introducing electrical stimulus to the enclosed Twinflesh, as well as recording the responses that occur. This metal chamber is known as a Stimbox, and is at the heart of all Simulrendology tech. Because of the difficulty that comes with "slaying" a Rendling, and the expertise required to dissect the monster enough to find the Twinflesh, Simulrendology technology is almost exclusively controlled and distributed by the Legion.      
Can you hear me? Is this thing transmitting?
Damnit. Another explosi--
No no! I'm okay! Just couldn't find the button. It's working, sir. It's working!



The first Rendulgraphs constructed were relatively simple. A pair of devices, Rendulgraph-alpha and Rendulgraph-beta, were constructed; at first they were only able to send basic information from Alpha to Beta in the form of a single blinking light. But more experiments followed, with a bulk of the research going into how to take the basic outputs that the Rendulgraphs produced and turn it into more sophisticated communication. More Rendulgraphs were soon built, following the schematics used to make the first pair, improving on the size and quality each time, and eventually allowing for two-way-audio communication between the pair.    
Parent Technologies

The Inventive Process


The discovery of Simulrendology was taken straight to Hansun's head of scientific research, T.P. Blashum. Blashum had been interested in improving communications for as long as he had been interested in science; so when the discovery of paired Rendling flesh was literally dropped on his desk, he immediately got to work on his latest invention -- the Rendulgraph.   Mere months later, Blashum had his first working prototype constructed, and communications would never be the same again.

Accidental Success


The road to a working Rendulgraph was not without its pitfalls. Several problems arose during the prototyping phase and initial construction. One of the biggest problems was occasionally getting a strangely strong response from a paired piece of Twinflesh, resulting in a fairly large explosion when receiving a transmission as the corresponding Stimbox was overloaded.   Of course, after the first few mishaps, Legion management became incredibly interested in triggering such results intentionally. It was determined to be a combination of having too much electricity stored within either Stimbox as well as an especially well-paired bit of Twinflesh, allowing for remote detonation of electrical charges that soon saw use within military excursions.  
Technology / Science | Dec 13, 2019

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I personally like all the conversations. The last one is a good example of what can go wrong. It reads fine to me. Very interesting device by the way.

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