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Instant transmission of information, no matter the distance

So there we are, resting after a mission -- the Rendling that was our target blown in two. I plunge my Jolt-gun into its shredded flank, letting out my anger and frustration, because this bastard nearly took my left arm off. It twitches.   Roughly 10 meters away, Smith lets out a yelp -- the other half of the corpse, just a mangled heap of arms and claws next to Smith, had twitched at the exact same time, unexpectedly slicing a savage cut into his calf.   Of course, priority was patching Smith up. But after that, paying close attention to the Rendling's corpse, we began to experiment.
— Legion Captain Everette, on a routine extermination mission.


One of the hardest things about dealing with Rendlings has always been their attribute of being nigh-unkillable; despite the bullets they take, the stab wounds run through their monstrous forms, Rendlings never seem to quit. The leading successful strategy is total dismemberment or deconstruction of the monsters -- but even then, the flesh never truly dies.   Roughly 50 years ago, when the Legion began to introduce electric weaponry into their arsenal as a method of stunning or slowing Rendlings, a strange discovery was made -- even when split in two, Rendling corpses exhibited a connection. Subject one half of it to electrical stimulus, and the other half responded, instantaneously, no matter the distance.    


Scientific communities responded enthusiastically to this, dubbing the new field of research Simulrendology. Over the next few years, the possibilities and limitations of this new technology were explored; Rendling corpses were dissected down to the pairs of organs responsible for the phenomenon, and the tech began to see wide-spread use within the Legion.      


Every Rendling "killed" is able to be taken and broken down, dissected until the small paired organs called Twinflesh are discovered. The purpose these organs appear to serve within a Rendling is unknown -- just like most of the biology of these incomprehensible monsters -- but they do exhibit paired responses to stimulus, and it's this ability that is at the heart of Simulrendology.  


Rendling flesh, and in particular Twinflesh, never truly dies; despite never receiving nutrients or energy, it will continue responding to stimulus for all time. The paired organs are placed within devices called Stimboxes, small contraptions that are capable of both electrically stimulating the captive Twinflesh, as well as reading the resulting responses that occur from the twinned stimulus. Every single bit of Simulrendology technology has a pair of Stimboxes working within it, enabling the instantaneous transfer of data across any distance with just a small jolts of electricity.

Captain Everette

A Citizen of Hansun, extremely loyal to his country. Everette was sent to the Legion early on in his career, where he rose quickly through the ranks, soon becoming a captain of the Legion. His role in discovering Simulrendology is surprisingly not his most famous achievement; rather it's the fact that he has never had anyone under his command die.
  • Tactical and shrewd. Everette made his name early on by orchestrating very successful plans of attack against Rendlings.
  • Knowledgeable. Seemingly any question an underling would have, Everette would be able to answer.
  • Everette served in the Hansun army for 7 years before transferring to the Legion. He's been a Legionnaire for 15 years, and a captain for 10 of those.
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    Changing the World

    What once before was slow, inefficient, or obtuse, with Simulrendology became quick and easy. The simple fact that information could be transmitted from one location to another instantly had massive effects across many forms of technology in Cathedris. Of course, this came at the caveat of often becoming indebted to the Legion in order to receive any Simulrendology tech, as it's rare to be able to be able to kill and dissect Rendlings without them.  


    Mining, construction, manufacturing -- any industry that required workers in dangerous locations were radically changed via Simulrendology. Now warnings of impending doom, such as in the case of Ichor Extraction, could be made instantaneously.  


    Perhaps the biggest impact Simulrendology had on Cathedris was on the way people communicated across distances. Prior to the discovery of Simulrendology, all communications were done via personally carried letters and notes, and supply chains. One of the very first inventions to come out of Simulrendology was the Rendulgraph; once this telecommunications device was invented, it became the main way to communicate across long distances.  
    Technology / Science | Jul 11, 2023

    A device made through subjecting paired Rendling Flesh to small amounts of electricity, allowing for instant communication at any distance.

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    That quote is just how all great discoveries made in a friggin' nutshell. I love it :D

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    Happy accidents! Everything wonderful comes from happy accidents.

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    Oh my. I loved the concept of this article! It raises a lot of questions in my mind and i just want to know more on how exactly this works and stuff like that xD. But overall, you did an amazing job Storm! I will try my best to leave some good feedback here.   1) How does Simulendrology communication actually work? Is it like sending instant messages containing info to others or is it like a holographic projection or something like that?   2) Have there ever been experiments to assess the feasibility of handheld Rendulugraphs and stuff like that?   3) Are there any dangers to using Simulrendology like attracting rendlings and stuff like that?   I wrote this comment in a gigantic hurry so forgive me for the bad quality. But still, congrats storm and keep up the amazing work!

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    Thanks Elias, glad you liked it! And thanks for the questions :)   I have plans for a lot of these articles to go into more specifics with sub articles. I'd love to do a full overview on a specific Rendulgraph, which would answer both 1 and 2 of your questions. As for the third...   It's not something I've thought about. This world already struggles enough with Rendlings -- but maybe! Could serve as a good way to spark conflict in certain places.

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    Thank you so much Vox! I most certainly want to, yeah! I need to get back to thinking of how Simulrendology works in the context of the rest of the world building I've done, as this was some of the first stuff I worked on in Cathedris and a lot has changed/matured since then.   I'm glad you liked it, and I'll have something figured out on this eventually! Have a great day too :)

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