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Instant transmission of information, no matter the distance

Did... that... corpse just twitch...? ...It's over 10 meters away... Kaerish, twist the knife in your Rendling again, I want to se--   Shit, look! The other one twitched again too!
— Excerpt from mission-192F-32B, Year 2845


Nearly 72 years ago, a discovery was made -- Rendling flesh exhibits extraordinary qualities when in contact with Feathersteel. Certain Rendlings appeared to be paired; when one was subjected to Feathersteel in the right conditions, it'd twitch, causing the other Rendling of the pairing to twitch as well, no matter the distance between them.   Scientific communities responded enthusiastically to this, dubbing the new field of research Simulrendology. The discovery of Feathersteel had come just a few years prior, and Scientists thank the rise in production and use of the material for the resulting discovery of Simulrendology.  


Throughout history, the Legion has been a worldwide joint-effort by the countries of Cathedris to protect against Rendlings. With some of the best soldiers from every army leaving to join the Legion, it's considered to be the strongest weapon the planet has against the Rendlings.  
In the year of 2845, 12 days into the month of Avaran, the Legion was sent from it's headquarters in Hansun into a the nearby Rendling hotspot surrounding Dimiti. Purely a training exercise, the Legion made short work of the Faunal Rendlings in the area. It was pure chance that one of the Legionnaires, a lieutenant by the name of Kaerish, had brought his new Feathersteel knife with him.   With a twist of his knife, history was made. The leader of this regiment of Legionnaires, Captain Helgt, was quick to capitalize on the discovery. He and his team recorded all of their findings -- which of the Rendling corpses twitched when subjected to Feathersteel, what kind of Rendlings they were, and how much force was needed. The information should've gone back to Legion headquarters, but found it's way into the hands of Hansun's leaders instead. Hansun was currently in a war with their neighbouring country, Teneran, and they believed that this discovery could turn the tides of war.

Captain Helgt

A Citizen of Hansun, extremely loyal to his country. Helgt was sent to the Legion early on in his career, where he rose quickly through the ranks, soon becoming a captain of the Legion.
  • Tactical and shrewd. Helgt made his name early on by orchestrating very successful plans of attack against Rendlings.
  • Knowledgeable. Seemingly any question an underling would have, Helgt would be able to answer.
  • Helgt served in the Hansun army for 7 years before transferring to the Legion. He's been a Legionnaire for 15 years, and a captain for 10 of those.
  • Scientists and Researchers within Hansun soon began to work and experiment with Simulrendology. Initial research was done to confirm which Rendling corpses allowed for Simulrendology, and to determine how to find pairs, or connected Rendling corpses. Results showed that both Deific and Faunal Rendlings can be paired, but it's still unknown as to how the pairs form. Elsewhere in Cathedris, the country of Artazia was making slow headway on similar research, albeit a few years behind Hansun.  
    Children Technologies

    Changing the World

    What once before was slow, inefficient, or obtuse, with Simulrendology became quick and easy. The simple fact that information could be transmitted from one location to another instantly had massive effects across many forms of technology in Cathedris.  


    Mining, construction, manufacturing -- any industry that required workers in dangerous locations were radically changed via Simulrendology. No longer were people needed to stand directly in harm's way; now they could be located somewhere safe, operating their machinery from afar, thanks to the wonders of Simulrendology. Machinery and controls were separated, no longer needing to be physically connected, as Simulren-devices used a combination of paired Rendling flesh and Feathersteel parts to instantly transmit inputs back and forth.  


    Perhaps the biggest impact Simulrendology had on Cathedris was on the way people communicated across distances. Prior to the discovery of Simulrendology, all communications were done via personally carried letters and notes, and supply chains. One of the very first inventions to come out of Simulrendology was the Rendulgraph; once the Rendulgraph was invented, it became the main way to communicate across long distances.  
    Technology / Science | Dec 19, 2019

    A device made with Feathersteel and Preserved Rendling flesh, allowing for instant communication at any distance.

    Worldwide Powerhouse

    The war between Hansun and Teneran had been a long, drawn-out conflict, before the discovery of Simulrendology. The war was entering its 9th year when Hansun got it's hands on the discovery that would change the world. Within 2 short years of discovering Simulrendology, Hansun entirely altered the course of the war, rapidly advancing on Teneran territory, until the neighbouring country was entirely under Hansun control.   Hansun soon became one of the super-powers of Cathedris, thanks to Simulrendology. Winning their war, and revolutionizing technology and industry, they excelled above many of the other countries across the planet. Only Artazia, who had been slightly behind on Simulrendologic research, managed to keep up; though they were always a step behind Hansun.

    Technologic Supremacy

    It dropped the war into our laps, just like that. Simulrendology gave us the tools to grow strong and triumphant. Without that discovery, I don't think we'd be where we are today. The world is better for what we did.
    — Neran, leader of Hansun during the years of 2840 - 2864
    Electricity and engines were in their baby years; inefficient, and rarely used. When Hansun introduced Simulrendology into these technologies, they saw rapid advancement.

    Instant Communication

    It's unique, this position people my age are in -- we know how long it used to take to deliver letters, and thus only we can truly appreciate these Rendulgraphs.
    — Neran, leader of Hansun during the years of 2840 - 2864
    The ability to instantly communicate between the front lines and home base is seen as the main reason Hansun was able to handily defeat the Teneran forces. The country has a strong love for their invention, the Rendulgraph.

    Large Scale Transportation

    It started small. Small motives in factories, taking the load off of workers. But soon we had rails out to the front line, and we could transport huge quantities of whatever we wanted.
    — Neran, leader of Hansun during the years of 2840 - 2864
    Before the efficiencies that Simulrendology brought, engines were small and slow. Soon though, massive rail-bound vehicles, Motives, became common-place.

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