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Cheese Intolerance

Work in progress!
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Slightly NSFW!
There has always been a high demand for extraordinary food and beverages from Han. One thing the Hani could never get a grasp on was cheese. Due to an intolerance to the bacteria contained in cheese, eating cheese often resulted in intense stomachache or sickness including vomiting.   When the distillers in Tasdale invented their special Squid Liquor a few months back, one of their Hani employees discovered by accident, that the liquor eliminates all effects of the cheese bacteria. He bought a variety of cheeses, packaged them with some bottles of squid liquor and sent all of it to his family and friends in Han, bundled with a short message how to consume the cheese and liquor without getting ill. The news spread in Han and a few weeks later the cheesemakers in Syrgos and the distillers in Tasdale got more orders of cheese and liquor than they could produce. Prices were raised and all other deliveries stopped to satisfy the new demands from Han.
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