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Episode 37.5: Campaign Interlude: The Two-Year Jump

It’s been 2 years since the rise of the Silversong Moon. They’ve been eventful, but quiet for the Blackjack Trading Troupe. They’ve been solidifying their operations and have had two Lunapaloozas, Benedictions, and Anamas Eves in the time between.

Falling to False Charges

Upon their return to the Zone, Nia and Spark faced the false charges brought against them. Unfortunately, the circumstantial evidence against them was too much. Their arguments, along with the influence of their allies, enabled them to reduce the sentence to two years of house arrest. Nia was confined to the Blackjack and Spark has been in his Artificer's Lab in Goblin Town.

Elenwe similarly faced charges for deeds that they are actually guilty of. Their child, Link, has gone into Faerie to be raises as an Entulesse. The Champion of Ashaya had her sentence commuted to service with the Zone Authority Police.

Lance has been left to run the BTT and has been very good at it! At night, to blow off stress, he DJ's at Menelost Telperion or in the Valentine's Flag district of Eladriel.

The Ascension of Jenevieve

On the First Anniversary of her Apotheosis, Nia’s twin Jenevieve, Goddess of the Silversong Moon appeared to them. Her form appears ghostly and out of sync with reality. “I have resisted the Divine Gate as long as I could, but my power has become too great. I am being pulled away from the world. Nels, I have a mission for you!” The two disappeared in silver light.

Nels reappeared a few weeks later. “Our sister has passed beyond the Divine Gate. All will be revealed when the time is right.”

Remembering Niklaus

On the Third Anniversary of the death of Baron Nikolaus, the crew of the Blackjack and the members of House Silversång have assembled in the City of Molndal to honor the Baron and the souls of the Silver Song Tribe trapped in the shape-changing ship.

Only Nels, now an interdimensional rock star is missing. Mariel Silversång says, “Nels hasn’t answered his ident-a-hedron in weeks and diviners can’t find him. He knows this is important to me. I hope he shows up.”

Suddenly, in a burst of smoke, Nels teleports in. His clothes are charred, and he has fresh battle wounds. "Jenny and I held them off as long as we could, but they're coming for Sigrid!" Get ready.

The horns of war rise around you. Malfador is coming for his warlock.

Buddy Agginad by Chris L - HeroForge
Jenevieive of the Silversong Moon by Chris L - HeroForge
Nels Dhampir Rockstar by Chris L - HeroForge
Young Link Heskiloth by Chris L - HeroForge
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Campaign Interlude: The Two-Year Jump

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: To the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney


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