Episode 32: A Night and a Day in Carrot Town Report

General Summary

Each of the Blackjack officers divine patrons gets invested in Moonbreeze's Nice list, and offers a boon if they can get earn the names and affections of the nice children. So, the crew gets in a competition to recruit children, but Nia's experience on the tourney train and unmatchable influence bring her children faster than the pied piper. Spark earns some kids by crafting toys and making tasty alchemical foams. El starts putting on kid songs and dances and wins a few. Lance performs funny tricks and starts attracting naughty kids, but honestly, he is into it. The crew then eats with Mama Ambrosia and goes to sleep. That night, they are all drawn into El's dream (where they are all FABULOUSLY dressed) which is being assaulted by a nightmare shepherd, some nightmare riding hags, and more shadows than a Kanemayan Wajang show. The Fire Stealer's amazing precognitive abilities got him to have Elenwe use the gauntlets of Ogre Power and Dirk's magical glaive which saved her life as the shadows drained all her natural strength. The captain decided the crew should focus on one threat at a time and prioritized the nightmare shepherd. Her instincts were strong as weakening him revealed he was the anchor holding El in the dream world. The crew gave him the business and after he fell, Nia sent Tiik back into the real world to awaken El. The hags cursed as our delicious dreams escaped their reach. The crew finished getting their rest except El for whom the dream battle left exhausted the next day. The crew prepared to leave carrot town and tried attracting more children while hosting a small party. Nia this time did a play showing the rabbitfolk coming down to the pit and being heroes. Spark tried to take advantage to convince some rabbitfolk to join the Lunapalooza Traveling Company. He also began studying and fiddling with the harefolk's moon balloons though they use friendly fire spirits (horribly inefficient). However, Lance was getting a really weird vibe from alot of the rabbits assembled in the crowd and shared his unease with the captain. She put the rest of the crew on alert, and Spark opened his mind to hearing the thoughts of those around him. The voices were many, but he distinctly felt the predatory instincts of hidden lupines among the lapin. He telepathically notifies the crew and Mama Ambrosia. The captain quickly palms a silver coin and putting hands on people to schmooze to see if she could reveal any of the shapechangers. It's super effective. The werewolves reveal themselves, some are corrupted by the hidden moon, but the main leader appears near Lance and confronts him about embracing a much greater destiny than just 'purveying music and fucking ladies'. Lance asks him if he is crazy, and points out that any future that doesn't include fat beats and thicc chicks isn't a great destiny for him. The werewolf is like, you have a point, but if you won't take your destiny, I'll make you part of mine (or something like that) and tries to bite Lance to infect him with lycanthropy. He also tells the other werewolves to snag some snacks. The crew gets to saving rabbitfolk. Nia blows werewolves off the sky docks and down to the lunar surface. El interferes with the main Loup Garou, which keeps him off Lance. Spark tries to knock some werewolves off the platform, but failing that chooses violence. The werewolves all fall without stealing any rabbit people. The main garou in an effort to escape El, takes a leaping claw towards a flying Spark, it fails to pierce his armor and the werewolf falls towards the surface pointing out that a fall wouldn't hurt him. Spark asks the captain if she wants him to just blow him away on the fall down, but Nia doesn't think it's worth it. Spark reminisces about the time they chased the falling hobgoblin ninja. so, the crew wins, the rabbits are saved, onto the Lapin shard!
The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
07 Sep 2022

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: To the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney


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