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Episode 05: Flight to Razun Report

General Summary

The crew leaves Eladriel after the feast and picking up a pair of dwarf passengers. Nia contacts he patron to accuse him of ruining her families finances. The hidden fiend tells her He just provides phenomenal cosmic power to the pact holder and doesn't meddle in mundane family affairs.

Frustrated, Nia mapped the path to drop off a few more copies of The Beacon in a waystation outside of Zintshire.

On the way to the next waystation, there was an assault by the Gray Angels. Goblins and hobgoblins on giant bats attacked the ship. Two of the Blackjack crew, Crocodile Kate and Stork Stewie, each fired a ballista and took out a goblin before they were dropped by bats and a katana wielding goblin.

The crew came topside and knocked out the hobgoblin by sleeping him and dropping his bat mount while hanging in the sky so he unconsciously plunged to the ground. Then, Thunderfox called out that the bats were a distraction, and a hobgoblin ninja and a handful of hobgoblins were in the cargo hold trying to steal Urim's cargo.

A disco full of magic lights and one mage hand later, the pirates were getting cleaned up so the ninja snapped her hand in to the crate, pulled out a plasma rifle and shadow jumped away. Xeno ran out of the ship to see the ninja falling below the ship only to be caught by one of the injured bats from the initial assault. He called on his divine magic and smote the bat out of the sky, and the ninja entered freefall to escape.

Nia called out, 'Featherfall Bibingka' before diving over the rail and into the sky. Lance pulled out the other featherfall bibingka but decided to stay shipbound. So, Spark took it and followed the captain. A firefight freefall with illusory ninjas began with Xeno diving the Blackjack to stay in pursuit. The ninja was about to escape until Xeno agrees to take a wild pistol shot out the window while piloting the ship and takes the ninja out. Two Bibingkas and a skyship bank later everyone lands safely.


And We'll All Land Down Alive

Sung to the tune of 'Roll the Old Chariot' so you repeat the chorus after every call line


And we'll all land down alive(all)

We'll chew... the right... Bibingkas in the sky(all) x3

And we'll all land down alive(all)

End Chorus

Call lines:

We'll wake early just to visit Lola Carly x3

We'll be alright if we leap over the rail x3

Fighting the Gray Angels wouldn't do us any harm x3

Another Keg of Valdegond we'll pass around again x3

Elven orgies with aswang we'll be throwing every night x3


Soon May the Bibingka Come

Sung to the tune of the Wellerman

There once was a ship that put to fly

The name of the ship was the Black Jack Sky

The winds blew up, her bow dipped down

O blow, my bully boys, blow


Soon may the bibingka come

To bring us magical food and rum

One day, when the flying is done

We'll eat our share and go

The ship was about with an artifact

When up from above sky pirates attacked

The captain called all hands and shout

We'll chase you pirates out!


Soon may the bibingka come

To bring us magical food and rum

One day, when the flying is done

We'll eat our share and go

The pirates were hit and lost the brawl

Their leader's escape turned into a fall

The ground was far, the landing a splat

We'll claim another hat!


Soon may the bibingka come

To bring us magical food and rum

One day, when the flying ...

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
14 Jan 2021
Primary Location

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Zone & Sovranty by Chris L - Heroforge


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