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Episode 09: Escape From Goblin Town Report

General Summary

The crew divides up the magic items from the Last Will and Testament Of the Goblins the Freedom and stuffs a sleeping Of the Hope the Way into Xeno as a shrill voice begins to cry, "They're coming".

The voice is Bainshiro, the little Baku who has been assigned by the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins to protect Way. The Ki-rins assign a Baku to every child in the zone, and Bainshiro used to be assigned to Spark before he was smuggled out. Turns out the local hags like to eat Freedom's descendants since they tend to be full of things like magic and destiny. A blue would be an especially delicious treat.

Just then, the Night Bitch Gang bangs on the door, "give us the baby and nobody else gets hurt". Xeno gets left to be a backup door, and the other race to the second floor where a they start a fire fight against the mooks and some archers on a howdah on ogre back. The first door falls, but the Xeno door is impenetrable. Some thundering magic and a few powerful blasts from Nia take down most of the enemies and the ogre. Bainshiro even reluctantly helps and drops a mook.

Lance notices the goblins are from different gangs: the aforementioned Night Bitch Gang, the Green Bitch Gang, and the Iron Bitch Gang. Nia has her monkey scout and identifies a ton of threats like more ogres, goblins, a purple worm, and a barghest.

So, they flee south into a bar where four terrified Goblins: Ort, Plokx, Gliox and Ar, panic about the gang activity. A riveting speech by Nia with a timely 'This is the Way' and 'For the Children' supported by an 'I used to be a goblin' by Lance encourages these four to risk their lives.

Spark comes up with a plan for them to swaddle their beer flagons in cloth and run as distractions which they do with a cry of remember us! After they run in all direction screaming 'For the Children', the crew shuts the door and hides in the tavern as the hags gangs give chase. The crew then snuck south, sweet talked a guard and entered the market where they gathered more info about the hags and the gangs. They also discovered a nearby exit of Goblin City to the South.

Nia scouted with her monkey again and saw more goblins and a tall stick thing. She sweet talked a guard into throwing a spear, Lance put protection on Xeno and Spark, and they made the final push to the south.

The large stick thing turned out to be the Annis, Cold Kelly Dangler, one of the three hags. Xeno the doorstop led the way and stood invincible among a hail of crossbow bolts while the crew focused their magic on the hag. A rapier stab by Xeno revealed the hag resisted mundane weapons, so Spark gave her a stab with his grandfather's shortsword, Tyranny's End and Xeno likewise used Freedom's Flame to pierce her defenses.

Cold Kelly used her terrible size and power to assault Spark and she was able to maul him even through Lance's protective spells. She mentioned he tasted delicious, but Spark declined her invitation to be dinner. Lance, Nia and continued to magically tear into her while still trying to pump enough healing into Spark to keep him on his feet. Despite it, the hags next crushing hug would have been enough to destroy Spark were it not turned awry by Lance's protection. Another round of Xeno shrugging off literally every attack coming his way and pouring every ounce of deadly magic into the Annis found her falling. The guard, who did nothing, was stunned and astonished. Way, who had started mind spiking the hag from inside Xeno, breathed a sigh of relief and the crew fled Goblin City having acquired a hefty sum of gems.

Missions/Quests Completed

Escape From Goblin Town

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The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
10 Feb 2021
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