Episode 33: Riding a Balloon to the Lapin Shard Report

General Summary

A vision of Ashaya appears to Elenwe. She offers the Quest for the Blade of Wonder and the answer to 3 questions. What does the "Lance of Endless Night" mean? The next full moon is also the first triple eclipse. With the Lance of Endless Night on the Moon, the possibilities are endless. How do we kill Malfador? Make sure he has no warlocks left when his avatar is destroyed in his place of power. Who is attacking Elenwe in her dreams? The beasts and nightmares of the dream worlds are gorging on the undreamt dreams of the elves. Lance decides the triple eclipse must become the time of the next Lunapalooza party, and it will be a party across both the Zone and the Three moons! The party gathers supplies or readies performances for Mama Ambrosia's feast. Then, Lance uses his magic to send messages to a few people to ready this party in a few days: Cumval, Nia's Mom, Moonbreeze, Captain Tanit Sanguesa, and others. A message is sent to Jenny, asking the Silversong Moon to be both the disco ball and the DJ icosahedron acting as a Thunderprism across three moons and Erathia, a message is sent to Baron Asgonad threatening him with another Lunapalooza loss for the Hidden Moon having the weakest party in the planetary chain. At the feast, Mama Ambrosia mentions Thaya's Sword is the thing holding all the Shards in they sky. and the party convinces her to leave immediately afterward because they must prepare for the PARTY! Feast is had, they fly away, and the crew takes turns keeping El awake. However, in the middle of the night, Mekkamutt senses something weird, danger, frogs, children, dreams. Spark awakens Lance who sees into the ethereal with his Robe of Eyes and watches suspicious frogs leading away the children from dream land. Moonbreeze calls, 'I was busy planning the biggest party in the solar system when I sensed children in danger. You must save them! " Nia's like, "how?" her kirin answers, "You have a dream master with you! Save the chilluns!" El agrees to sleep, and the crew enters dream world. Their entrance attracts the nightmare shepherd whom El knows will arrive soon. The crew also realize they are wearing weird outfits with hearts on their chests. Some of the children smile and point, "It's the dream guardians. They are hear to help our froggy friends". El's paladin senses tell her that only one of the frog groups is friendly, and with Nia and Tiik's help, they realize who the friendly ones are, and agree to split up to engage the fakes. Blasts from Nia and El reveal the fake frogs to be Slaadi taking the children to the ladies with the nice candy. Spark is sent to deal with the farthest Slaad and the Xenobuster earns its keep. The slaad retaliate with some fireballs, but spend most of their actions trying to keep the children distracted and following them. It is, however, the unlikely assistance from Lance's naughty Lunelads that save the others, NutTaunter who responds 'Hey, ugly, maybe you should follow Deez Nuts!", FrogFlicker who gaves his slaad both middle fingers before getting the others to rebel, and CandyKicker who tells his slaad he can hand over the candy because he's about to get it booted up his ass. The friendly frogs inform the captain and the Exalted of Dreams that all the dream guardians must take hands together with the frogs to wake up. A few more slice, dices, lazer blasts and a paralyzing spell later, the dream guardians all take hands and the hearts on their outfits glow and form a rainbow. El senses from the Rainbow that as Ashaya was born after the death of Thaya, that her sword Bedlam formed from a shard of the Gigunting ng Thaya. Many nice children also adopt one of the dream guardians as their hero, with Spark and his lazer rifle earning the most new followers, though the Xenobuster is severly drained, and a night's rest still leaves El somewhat exhausted. There's a myth about Thaya's Sword (Ginunting ng Thaya) that it is the thing holding all the Shards in they sky.
The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
07 Sep 2022

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: To the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney


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