Episode 15: Searching for Answers Report

General Summary

The crew heads to the Ki-Rin Forest answering a call from Moon Breeze. On the way, they meet a chain devil seeking revenge on Elenwe Heskiloth for her abandonment of Urim Goldmaster. Through some impressive lying, hat juggling and transformation, the crew (except a half-asleep Spark) convince the devil that Urim has canceled the bounty on El as she is now carrying his dwelfling child.

The crew arrives to the near perfect Empyrean Ki-rin Monastery. Moonbreeze explains that Malfador now has a mortal body that is defeatable, but he must be destroyed three times to banish him from Krosia. The party mentioned that Xeno was still attuned to the ship and Moon Breeze was able to use that to track his location at the Bulwark of Light and offered to summon him for his first defeat to sever the link between Nia and Malfador.

The crew accepted, Xeno/Malfador was summoned and THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT! Nia went down, Malfador revealed he was immune to fire, vulnerable to radiant, and, when he questioned El's resolve to fight him, she revealed her desire for revenge vis a vis her three months in a dungeon before crit smiting him into Oblivion or at least back to the Pit.

Afterward, Moon Breeze asked Nia if she would abandon her connection with Malfador and accept the Ki-rin as her new patron and work for the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins. Nia agreed, and then Moon Breeze asked the same question to Jenny who agreed with telepathic approval. Moon Breeze then drained all the hellfire from Nia and replaced it with celestial moon halo goodness (cinnamon flavored for sure).

Moon Breeze offered to clear up a few things, so she started answering questions. First question, Jenny? Jenny is Nia's twin and is inside her Ident-a-hedron where she has resided since her injury as a toddler. She now shares all of Nia's experiences and her body sometimes at night. She expresses that she is happy to experience life as a brain in an Ident-a-hedron.

Second question, can we save Xeno? Moon Breeze says if we slay Malfador three times that, if we possess Xeno's body, Malfador would lose his grip on Xeno's soul and we may be able to bring Xeno back to life. In fact, we saw Malfador snag Xeno's soul when we slew his first form. Also, after the defeat of the first form, we recovered Xeno's chassis. We also asked about.

Third question, What does Nia have to do for the Heavenly Council of Kirin? She has to be a Baku fairy.

Fourth question - Should we try to take down Malfador? He is still reforming his body using the pit, so we should focus on Dirk and other things until he's back.

Finally, Moon Breeze offered a celestial blessing from the Koi pond for the crew. El entered and became infused with healing energy to help her heal when resting and never die from a single fatal wound. Nia and Lance both entered the pond and came out permanently protected from harmful magics to make it easier to resist any used against them. Spark entered and got a minor enchantment on a weapon he can't use that lacks ammunition he can't buy...

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
25 Mar 2021

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Lunapalooza by Chris L - Heroforge


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