Episode 34: Lunapalooza But For Kids Report

General Summary

The crew awakens on the Lapin Shard, they fly banners, send word, blast on the PA system for the Kids Lunapalooza. It's a festival day so the grounds are ready. The crew visits the town magic shop, Lance buys a magic hat that will announce his presence for him. The rest of the crew is fairly low on cash so decline the other items. The shop patron, a dwarfette named Suehilda tells the crew about the massive worms that burrow through the shard and are attracted the Gigunting ng Thaya. The festival happens, there is an egg hunt with Spark filling eggs with glitter, El doing pole painting, Nia turning into a Mama Bunny and telling a story about the rules and Lance doing three egg monty. Then, there is Lesbian Dance theater featuring El, DJ Lance Uppercut and MC Artificery providing beats and Nia accompanying on the flute. There is a goblin shooting gallery with trolls as the goblins (that is pretty offensive on so many levels), Lance does a blindfolded shooting spree, Nia charms a troll to be nice and give rides to the kids, El does flippy shit, Spark ties himself up to one of the shooting posts with manacles and locks and does a lockpicking bit. Finally, the crew separate, Nia does impressions of people, El tells a story about being true to yourself, Lance plays hide and seek, Spark makes balloon animals. The result determine how many children embrace the dream warriors and Spark gets the most and super-sophont intelligence, Nia gets second and becomes an even more skilled performer. The Lunapalooza Traveling Troupe then talk to the mayor about getting access to the bottom of the Lapin Shard, he agrees to help awaken the elves, but is super nervous because it is what keeps the shards safe in the lunar sky. The crew gives their best assurances, they aren't great, Spark blames Dirk, El demures, the captain is convincing though, but then Nels shows up peddling a moon balloon. The blackjack is in trouble and Nels had a huge adventure bringing us the news. He's even gotten stronger! Not strong enough to just send us a message. Not strong enough to protect the Blackjack and a petrified Sigrid with Thunderfox from the other members of the Blackjack crew who have been corrupted by the Hidden Moon shaping sickness. Just strong enough to pedal a bike and use his words. Nia quickly orders the teleport circle runes from the Lapin Shard to be recorded for Lance and then recalls the whole crew to the Blackjack. It is being assaulted by that damn Loup Garou from the Carrot Shard. There is a firefight. Nels is actually useful putting most of the Blackjack crew to sleep without hurting them. The Loup Garou is turned into a snail (he gets better). It ends up biting and infecting Spark with lycanthropy, and Spark realizes the curse will be permanent unless the big bad wolf is slain. El hurls her staff off the ship for some reason, probably to keep Thunderfox out of the fight to retrieve it, pulls her glaive and engineers an absolute pain train through the Loup Garou. He is nearly dead and left lined up for Spark to hammer him into the top deck. The crew is victorious! They search the body, Spark gets the werewolves tattered clothes, and El gets a Sending Stone paired into the unknown.
The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
08 Sep 2022

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: To the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney


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