Episode 35: The Chamber of the Ginunting Report

General Summary

El gets a message on the werewolves sending phone. "Husband, we are getting near the moon sword below the warren, bring the statue warlock so we can go. " El was like, "I have failed, and I must admit I've been cheating on you." The crew then raided the Elf fortress for healing potions. Allaric the vampire came to consult the crew, and they bartered for some diamond dust so Lance could remove Spark's lycanthropy. The conversation involved an assholery contest between the goblin and the vampire that ended when the pretty people started talking, but Spark took the chance to be the one to pay the blood price to begin negotiations so the vampire could at least taste intelligence. He remarked Spark was quite delicious. Alaric also pointed out the enemy was scrying through the sending stone and could track the party. Also, he noted the message sent was probably both a lie and a trap. The party had some time to rest before they dived into the Great Warren and could sleep on their ship. The captain decided to put the ship in a bottle and take it with them with Sigrid remaining in the cargo hold. The crew, still suffering from Moon Madness was left in Thunderfox's capabe paws and locked in the brig of Sarch na Thaya where they would be safe, cared for, and not cause any trouble with madness outbreaks. They teleported back to the Lapin Shard, Lance removed Spark's lycanthropy, El failed to get any real rest, and they talked with the mayor. She mentioned there were both worms and wyrms under the shard. The three moon dragons stood as judges over the blade and they really did not like disrespect. With that noted, the Blackjack's officers went into the great warren. They found traces and then live carrion crawlers, but they did their best to avoid/delay them while pushing deeper into the shard. Eventually, they encountered a giant slumbering worm glowing with baleful energy. El was able to sneak buy, but the armored goblin on the metal dog was too loud. With the threat awakening, Spark and Mekkamutt engaged the worm. When, he did so, he noticed a passaged sealed with rubble heading back deeper into the shard. He messaged this to his allies, and El was like great because I was checking this way and all I found was an even bigger worm. Nia began blasting the worm as well, but it was Lance who was like, "Why are we even wasting time with this?" He summoned a golden halo that collared and paralyzed the worm. Spark used his telekinesis to pull a Rey Palpatine on the boulders blocking the path, and the Lunapaloozers walked over the worm and into the next chamber. There they found a huge drop leading all the way down to the surface of Thaya. They could also see the path way to a deeper chamber in the center of the shard where waterfalls poured down onto the lifeless surface below and the cavern was illuminated by the moonglow of the Gigunting ng Thaya as large as an ogre and sharp as a dragon fang floating above another drop to the Lunar surface. Before it was assembled a fallen aasimar with twin blades, a werewolf lady with a greataxe and a weird rabbitty flesh golemmy thing. The werewolf introduced herself as the widow of the slain Loup Garou. El shrugged, "Is he even dead? He seemed pretty lively in my bed last time we were together?" The werewolf widow began getting heated, "He is my mate, I can feel his absence. I know the moment he died, I smell his blood on you, so I will spill all of yours." El demured, "I mean those vampire have gotten me into some new things, but, maybe you can't sense him anymore because he's abandoned your bond? He certainly never mentioned you." The widow began seeing red. "You BITCH! I will destroy you. I challenge you to single combat!" El nodded and announced herself as the Paladin of Ashaya and assured the werewolf of her victory. The werewolf retorted, "I am the Warrior of Ashaya, and I will defeat you to earn the right to wield Bedlam!" El was startled, "Wait, what? If we both serve Ashaya, why are we fighting?" The Shewolf pratically exploded in rage, "BECAUSE YOU STOLE MY MAN YOU WHORE!" Ashaya also whispered that she couldn't decide whether she was gonna be good or bad, and she would let this duel determine her current demeanor. There is a duel! It becomes clear someone is invisible slightly helping the werewolf lady. So, Spark did a little telekinetic shielding. El gets bloodied and bruised, but eventually deals a final blow. The werewolf's rage, however, keeps her barely conscious. El withdraws, "You have been defeated. Yield." The werewolf spits back, "Fuck You! Kill them!" The captain orders quickly, "Fuck that. Get 'em, save El." Spark rushes the barely concious werewolf, El shouts, "Spare her!" So, he gives her a love tap with the Earth Hammer knocking her out. He brings out the Xenobuster to blast the twin fallen aasimar with the blades, and one vanished revealing itself to be a mere echo of the original. The stitched rabbit began trying to drop a ton of gravitational magic done on the party, but Lance gave his old NO. Nia put him in a mental prison and had Tiik heal El. The enemy group realizing they had lost the edge with their werewolf staged a retreat. The invisible assistant for the werewolf turned out to be a ghosty hobgoblin who packed her on a skeletal horse and leapt off the cliffs. The fallen aasimar snagged the stitched rabbit and painfully yanked him out of the prison and over the edge. The crew looked over and saw they landed on a fully powered maharlitek skyship flying the grey angels banner and it flew off. Spark scratched his head, "how did they do that? Oh, they probably just... Wait! Why didn't I think of that?!" They then approached the Gigunting ng Thaya and saw the three dragons - a lunar dragon, a moonstone dragon and a dark dragon. Spark approached as respectfully as he could. The dragons said, "Approach representative of Moonbreeze." Spark bowed and said, "Oh, you want the captain, hold on." El flew up on her own dragon and backed up Spark. "You are also an ally of Moonbreeze, Spark. You should stay." Spark stayed while sweating about staying respectful. The dragons offered Moonbreeze a nod of respect as their kin. The crew bowed back awkwardly. The dragons spoke, "we have witnessed your duel for Ashaya, and you have earned the right to her blade. Form the area around the Gigunting ng Thaya and a busted/rusted hilt floats up to El. "You have earned Bedlam." El frowns at the hilt, "Eh, not really sure I'm interested..." A dragon brow ridge raises. "Very well, Goblin, would you wish this boon?" Spark could not contain his excitement. "YES! YES! Gimme gimme. I mean, uh, I would be deeply honored by such a gift O respectful scaly ones." The dragon turns back to El, "Well, Exalted of Dreams we are offering you the Blade of Ashaya twice, we will not offer it thrice." El considers, I guess I should flip a coin. She flips a gold, catches it saying, "It landed on heads." Spark impatiently spouts, "Well which choice is heads?" El twiddles with her hair, "Oh, I should've decided that before I flipped. Well, fine, I'll take the sword." She obtains the Bedlam, the Blade of Wonder. The dragon says, "Ah goblin, here you can have this." and flicks him a flake of the Gigunting ng Thaya. "Ooooohhhhh! Thank you, O Great Ones!" The dragons then mentioned that the Gigunting keeps the islands up so if the crew wants it to help the elves, they have to have it back before planetset. The crew nods, and, then, they invite the dragons to the Triple Eclipse Lunapalooza. The dragons are down, as long as the crew is fine with what they are about to do. They turn the Gigunting into a thin black long lance and impale it through Lance. "You just need to leave that there..." Lance heals himself, "Ok, cool! See you at the party!"
The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
14 Sep 2022

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: To the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney


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