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Episode 04: Adventures in Eladriel Report

General Summary

Invitation to a Feast

The crew spent the night in Eladriel. In the morning, Lance was approached by Aymer Ulalen, whom he met in the Zone. She told him that that they were invited to the Feast of Last Shadows for the final Shadow of the year.

It is a tradition for there to be a Stranger's Table where non-elves are seated, and if the table is full, there might be a Hunt for the Silver Hart. It could secure Hartshome Forest accepting our passage over the Kingdom of Amredhel.

The crew also got the rules: Be polite (but no 'thank you' or 'I'm sorry' Fae like sweet and shiny; No cold iron; No black and white, only grey; Only eat food from those you trust.

Exploring Eladriel

We got the captain on board and spent the day in town. We got some fancy feast hats, bought rock candy and Blood candy,

Explored Valentine's Rest, where there is a silver and mithril statue of Valentine the Vampire King. Lance researched music and bars in the area.

Lance and Spark also visited the Orchards of Industry where they discovered information about the Wood of Telperion.

As they were getting ready on board the H.C.S. Blackjack, an elven couple with their rude daughter in tow approached Lance about "donating his seed" for the chance of Aasimars in their bloodline. He agreed, hoping to get a lead on obtaining the Wood of Telperion.

The Feast of Last Shadow

That night we went to the feast. Spark almost got maimed for Queen Mother Aphedril, but we were seated with the Earnest Adventurers of Equalia. Their wizard was an old classmate of Spark. Then, there was a feast, and Joe the Huntmaster declared a stranger hunt and produced a silver stag to hunt.

Hunt For the Silver Hart

The hunt was on. Xeno navigated unerringly to the hart, but the crew heard the Adventurers struggling elsewhere, and Nia encouraged us to save them. We found the band of Equalia on the ground, beaten by a red cap and two quicklings.

Nia offered candy and blood candy which distracted the quicklings while the crew ganged up on the redcap. The quicklings played trick or treat which costed alot of rock candy, but kept them busy while the redcap fell. The crew then saved the Adventurers who chose to return the feast.

Xeno led the last leg to the hart, and when we found its glade, Joe the huntmaster with his ABsolutely sPECtactularly nudity came to speak with Nia and offer her to join the Siblinghood. He said she would be offered membership three times and this was the second offer.

They retunerd to the hunt and found and killed the hart. Each crew memeber than claimed a piece - antler, liver, heart and hide.

Rewards Granted

The Parts of the Hart

You return to the Feast with your prey, the Silver Hart. The Queen Mother Aphedril presides over the ceremony as your kill is dressed and your chosen parts are prepared: Liver - Xeno, Antler - Lance, Spark - Hide, Niamhi - Heart

As she presents the Parts of the Hart to you, she allows you to ask her one question. "I have lived on this world for 3,000 years and I have seen the Ages come and go. What would you ask of me?"

Xeno "How are the soulforged born & how were we first created"

Greetings to the 54,563rd of your kind. I call you by your chosen name, Xeno the Navigator. Though this body has never left the place of your re-birth, this is not the first time that I have encountered the soul within it. Your people were made by the God of Justice to correct the injustices of the Kirinal Catastrophe and Undeath. I can see a glimmer of who you once were, I would have to ponder it for some time to remember you exactly.

I present to you the Hart's Liver prepared as a Guardian Emblem in the form of a Silver Tridenser symbol. May it protect you and yours in the name of Thaya and Maryam and Anam. Guardian Emblem

Of the Forge the Spark - "Would you like a sweet treat?" Offers Queen Mother Aphedril an unopened bag of elven rock candy.

Lance: "Where can I find the raddest hat in the world?"

Little goblin, I have spent 3 millenia trying to exterminate your kind, but the world moves on as it always has. You can keep your copper candy little master. I see that you fancy yourself a creator of magic items. It galls me, but I present to you the Hart's Hide. May it give you the vision to see what the world really is and your place in it. Robe of Eyes

Lord van Razak, you use impudence to protect yourself, or is it to hide yourself, from your grand destiny. It hunts you, whether you want it or not, whether you hide from it or not. It will catch you one day and then you will discover what you really are. Whether you are this fool that stands before me or the man that grasps the glorious destiny he was destined for.

The "raddest" hat does not reside on this world of ours. The glorious Crown of the Sun & Moon awaits on the Shattered Moon in the darkness.

For now, I present to you the Antler of the Silver Hart. Feywild Shard

Nia: how do we prevent the dark forces that sought to destroy this world before from doing so again?

Young Baron, my eyes are too old for things to be hidden. I can see what you hide from others and I can see what is hidden from you. But they are not my secrets to reveal.

In answer to you your question, my dear, I am old and I have seen gods die and Lich-Kings rise and fall. I have seem my people laid low and my own dear husband die from despair. The world is walled off from the Old Ones that sought to claim what was within. It is not the forces of old that you should be afraid of. Our time has passed.

Watch out for new alliances. Watch out for the old ones that use what is new.

She leans down to whisper to you: The Hidden Fiend that crawls behind your eyes is such a one. I have seen his work of old, but he's clever, he learns, and he knows to work unseen. Be careful of what he wishes for. Your father wanted better for you than to share his fate. I know that.

And silently into your head: You are his only warlock. If you end your bloodline, you end his influence on this world. Do you have the will to do that?

Then aloud for all to hear she says, "I give you the Hart’s Heart as you requested. As long as the Captain bears it the Hartshome Forest and Amredhel will welcome your ship and your crew. Do not abuse our hospitality. We can withdraw it as quickly as we granted it."

The heart is infused into this cauldron may it renew you when the time comes. Cauldron of Rebirth

Missions/Quests Completed

Hunt for the Silver Hart - Given and completed

Transport Urim's Cargo - In progress

Transport Passengers to Razun - In progress

Deliver the Beacon - In progress, partially complete

Character(s) interacted with

Aymer Ulalen

Queen Mother Aphedril of the Kingdom of Amredhel

The Earnest Adventures of Equalian

  1. Vladimir Macek - Paladin of Tasath
  2. Tatiana Macek - Cleric of Tasath
  3. Mario Nistor - a bard
  4. Martin Vulpes - wizard and recent graduate of Wizard's Peak University

The Shadow Huntmaster of Hartshome Forest - a Fey Warlock

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
07 Jan 2021
Primary Location

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Zone & Sovranty by Chris L - Heroforge


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