Episode 16: Nia's Birthday Party Report

General Summary

The party spends a night in Tridenser City before returning for Nia's birthday. They buy some spare arms for Spark's latest project then head out on the town. Nia heads out to spread some rumors about how the Order of Light raised the new Hidden Moon as some sketchy hell-based plans as half-elf mercenary iolaus. The crew with "Iolaus" end up in a bar where Lance, thanks to being magically unable to get drunk, starts a drinking contest with some Red Lancers and Tridenser Knights as well as El and Spark. The goblin and the immune drink everyone else under the table with several Tito Corbin's Pyre shots (but no one got haunted) before agreeing to a draw. The crew raked in several hundred gold, got a fez, and Nia/Iolaus spread even more rumors about the Order of Light and the Hidden Moon. An overnight flight back to Greystone Keep got the crew back the morning of Nia's birthday ball. Mama Mariel Silversång came on the ship and Nia explained the issues with Dirk and revealed El's incriminating evidence. The Dowager Baroness said removing Dirk would be hard, she did not know who to trust, but it would be up to the Grand Master of the Order of the Light (Count Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak who will be at the party) and the Duke of Molndal (who's daughter Lady Aleonera Molndal would be at the party). Lance also called Harmony Tun-Razak, Legionmaster of the Order of Light and gave her the same spiel but won her support by being both sober (unintentionally) and using his true name Lanzo. Harmony agreed to help talk to her father. The party then happened. Everyone was there, the music was sharp, the guests were sharper. Lady Aleonera showed up and gave the most unbelievably amazing performance of the Blackjack Ballad. During this time, Dirk approached Nia and reprimanded her for leaving Malfador's service. She rebuked him for kiling her friend Xeno, but Dirk said Xeno has been ascended! Lanzo took his uncle to the side and revealed Dirk's malfeasance. He wanted to use the info to extort Dirk, but Harmony convinced him to take real action...

Dirk then secretly took Nels Silversång (Nia's brother) aside and Spark saw some suspicious activity so magicked his ident-a-hedron nearby to broadcast their conversation to the others while El also snuck close. Lanzo heard Dirk casting a dominate spell and interrupted his conversation with his uncle to counter it (and devolve into a teenager). Dirk then tried to abduct Nels, but El swept in to dance him away. In the scuffle, Nels bracelet fell off and he transformed into his true changeling form. El got him to replace his bracelet and told him to talk to the Baron. Dirk then made a second play by smoke hopping next to Sigrid Silversång (Nia's sister). The only person to react in time to intervene was Nia herself who threw a hypnotic pattern hoping to stop Dirk, but his unholy resilience let him ignore her magicks which instead ensnared her sister. Unable to resist, Dirk was able to snatch Sigrid before declaring that the Hidden Fiend must have a warlock and Nia's little sister would do before teleporting out of the party. Hellenbrecht observing these events had no choice but to declare Dirk a villain and stripped him of his land, titles and position. He promoted Nia's mother to interim head of the Tourney Train and placed a bounty on the capture of Dirk Altman.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
06 Jun 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Lunapalooza by Chris L - Heroforge


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