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Episode 03: The Excursion to Eladriel Report

General Summary

Mysteries of the Blackjack

The crew of the H.C.S. Blackjack comes to the end of their first visit to the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Having secured contracts, crew, and cargo they decide to investigate the nature of their skyship.

Of the Forge the Spark and Niamhi Silversång conduct a survey of the Blackjack's helm and the Captain's quarters, asertaining that neither contain traps, hidden doors, or concealed compartments.

Finally before the sun sets on Faerie, they muster up enough courage to investigate the Ouija board in the Helm room.

They ask to speak to the spirit of Nia's father. He revealed that the Hidden Fiend seeks to conquer the world. It may be influencing the Order of Light and the Hell Week Accords. When they ask if the Order can be trusted, the answer is "uncertain." They discover that the Crew currently lacks the ability to change the shape of the Blackjack.

Skulkers in the Night

Urim Goldmaster unexpectedly brought his shipment of salvaged Numenaran tech in sealed boxes just after nightfall. The new crew, passengers, and other cargo wouldn't arrive until the morning after. The party would be the only ones on the ship guarding Urim's high-value cargo.

The Blackjack was attacked that night by a team of Shadowfell infiltrators. A meazel and two invisible skulks attacked Of the Forge the Spark and Xeno. After a quick battle where Spark was almost killed twice, the party managed to kill the meazel and repel the skulks.

They had managed to sound an alarm to attract the authorities during the fight. A group of guardsmen and Detective Lim arrived to investigate and collect the body. The meazel had a note on it from (未来派協会: Mirai-ha Kyōkai), the Futurist Society of Kaneyama directing them to kill the Blackjack's crew and take Urim's cargo.

Detective Lim warned the party to be careful of Urim Goldmaster, "He's good at making money and he pays well, but he's ruthless."

Departure at Morning

Urim showed up first thing in the morning to check on his cargo. He had been notified of the attempt to steal his cargo. The party tried some probing questions, they could tell that he wasn't telling the whole truth, but they couldn't get any information out of him. He paid the party an extra 500 bilogs/gp as hazard pay.

The elderly halfling couple showed up and enscnonced themselves in their room.

A raucous group of elven Entulesse, fresh from the Feywild made their presence loudly known. They regaled Lance Uppercut with stories of their exciting previous night drinking and eating balut, cooked eggs with half-formed embryos in them.

The rest of the cargo, Molndalian grain provided through a contract with the Order of Light was loaded on the Blackjack and they departed the Zone.

They made a stop at the waystation to the Duchy of Arro and Lance and Captain Niamhi managed to convince the station agent to take some of their copies of The Beacon.

Aswang Attacks

That nights, one of the elves peeled off its legs and turned into a bird-like aswang because she ate some cursed Balut. She thankfully surrendered after some blasting and we tied her up to hopefully have her healed by the elves in Amredhel. We arrived safely after another day of travel and turned the cursed elf-girl over to the borderguard. We arrived in Eladriel, they gave us leave to stay the night, delivered the partying elves to start their Cabed Maitulie, their gap year with their parent. The elves also took some hell papers and gave us leave to travel through Amredhel so long as we only ever stop in Eladriel. Also, they noted that the whole crew is 'touched by silver' which the elves find to be auspicious and made a good impression despite our ship atmosphere slowly having become that of an endless party ship over the last few days.

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
17 Dec 2020

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Zone & Sovranty by Chris L - Heroforge


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