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Benediction of the Heavenly Council

Benediction Day, The Parade of Spirits

On Benediction Day, children and their families gather along the parade route. They arrive early, some before dawn, to secure the best spots. The children arrive with bright eyes full of wonderment. They wait to see the spirit procession around the Kirinal Pit.

The crowds gather along the parade route during Benediction Day. They arrive early, some before dawn, to secure the best spots to see the spirit procession around the Kirinal Pit.

The good spirits leave their hiding places around the Zone and gather in the Ki-rin Forest. After a Heaven appears in the Pit and the sun begins his climb, the Heavenly Council leads the spirits down the Eastern Road to the Pit.

On the third Heaven of the month of Kielmagem the Great Spirits of the Zone circumnavigate the Kirinal Pit along the Pit Wall, blessing the youths of the Kirinal Concordance Zone. They are accompanied by other benevolent spirits of the Zone who come out of hiding this one day of the year.

The parade also serves as a bookend to the Celebration of Children when baku are assigned to infants around the Zone. As children grow old enough to protect themselves from evil spirits, or if they perish, they no longer need protection from evil spirits. As the Heavenly Council marches, they recall any baku who have ended their watch.

Song of Benediction Day

On Midsummer morn, Heaven Manifests.
Great spirits march from Ki-rin's Forests.

Their shelters they leave,
For the youth to receive,

Protection from those we detest.

The Ki-rin, she leads the parade.
See dragons, djinn, and alseid.

Eagle lords they take flight,
Elementals show their might,

Spirits join the mortal crusade.

They march to the Pit from the East.
Ents and pixies, from greatest to least.

Through cities they stroll,
Blessing all of our souls,

They'll stand by our side when fiends are released.

The Parade of Spirits

The call of celestial trumpets ring out as the pearlescent ki-rin Moon Breeze enters the gates of Tridenser City. She leads a glorious procession: elemental spirits of air and earth, fire and water; giant eagles and the ents led by Oak Father; that year's Queen of the Incarnation Moths and the Diwatas of the Kirinal River; the golden dragon Authriand and his retinue.

From there, they march to the Citadel of Anam and proceed around the Kirinal Pit. They bless the crowds with water and incense as they pass. The Seal of the Council marks the gathered mortals who accept the blessing.

Know you, those with the Sight, that this precious one remains within the Seal of the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins. Our eye is on you and we promise swift and righteous vengeance on any who harms them.

— Seal of the Council

Even though the parade is named for the Heavenly Council, not all of the marchers belong to the Council. The Council also invites representatives from fairy courts, elemenal alcazars, draconic tribunals, and other supernatural groups to participate in the procession. As the multiversal power of the Concordance has grown, joining the Benediction has become a way to open up trading relations and maintain goodwill with the Zone. The Council vouches for all participants, guarantees the safety of mortal attendees, and ensures that the spirits' gifts are suitable for flesh and blood mortals.

During the march, the spirits throw gifts, treats, and trinkets to the gathered crowds. These gifts range from candied flames and necklaces of fairy beads to magical rings and frozen sunlight. What spirits and extraplanar folk consider insignificant baubles can be the richest of treasures for regular mortals. Everyone in the Zone comes to the Benediction, hoping to be the lucky mortal who catches a diamond necklace or magical sword that day.

Despite the value of the gifts, theft and fighting are unknown during the Benediction. Everyone remains on their best behavior when literal angels are watching over them.

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