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My Summer Camp 2021 Worldbuilding Pledge Document

Which project are your worldbuilding efforts tied to?

  Because I am simultaneously running a Kickstarter for my Toy Soldier Saga universe, that will be the primary focus of my worldbuilding for SummerCamp 2021. I will also be working on material for the Worldbuilder's Roundtable / Adventurer's Forge in dedicated streams, and when I cannot make the mental connection between Toy Soldier and a prompt.  

What world are you working on?

  I am working in the Toy Soldier Saga universe this time as my primary focus, to support and bolster my current Kickstarter. However, I am also getting together to co-stream some worldbuilding with the Worldbuilder's Roundtable / Adventurer's Forge and will work on stuff for that should I lack an idea for a prompt for the Toy Soldier Saga.  

Which area of the world(s) are you working on?

  In my case, since it's a novel that encompasses a space opera universe, it's more time than location that is relevant. I will be focusing on subjects associated with the first novel, not the ones that are planned for the future.  

How much are you aiming to complete?

  I would like to achieve Diamond, but I'm not going to be too hard on myself if I don't. It's already been a very busy month for me, I have a book release still coming up, and it hasn't even started yet!  

When will you write?

  I will write on my own streams, scheduled three times a week for about 3 hours, and on other Game of Tomes streams, when others are present to encourage me.  

Who is your support network?

  The Anvilite Streamers Corps and Twitch writing community, and the other Tome Knights, are amazing support! It's like a massive month-long write in.
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SummerCamp Article Showcase

This is where I put blocklinks to other people's articles that I really like and think you should check out!

Elven Quill
Item | Jul 8, 2021
BUNKER 37 BLOG: I Think There Is A Monster In My Plumbing, Entry #338
Geographic Location | Jul 13, 2021
Tower of London
Geographic Location | Aug 14, 2021
Diplomatic Document σ-τ-α
Document | Jul 14, 2021
Akuapa Mekape
Species | Jul 14, 2021
Elephants of Brahmaputra
Species | Jul 14, 2021
Seccan Khanate
Organization | Sep 21, 2021
The Tolerance Plot
Military Conflict | Aug 8, 2021
Purple Peppers of Madura
Material | Jul 29, 2021

Sable's SummerCamp 2021 Articles

The Temple-Brothel of the Rose and Heart
Building / Landmark | Mar 5, 2022

The Temple of the Rose and Heart is a multi-denominational temple dedicated to the service of multiple deities of love, sex and healing.

Species | Jul 10, 2021

Fey-horses are immediately identified by their brightly-coloured coats, manes and tails. Unlike their equine cousins, fey-horses are found in all the colours of the rainbow.

Geographic Location | Mar 4, 2022

Avalon is the ancient homeworld of the elves. Tales of the lost homeworld enter quickly into the realm of myth and legend, each more improbable than the last.

Selaro "High Summer"
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 23, 2022

Selaro "High Summer" was once the Summer Solstice celebration in Avakiiralon, on the lost elven homeworld of Avalon.

Ethnicity | Jan 23, 2022

Sylphs are a type of Elf with wings. This separates them considerably from many of the other elven ethnic groups.

The Voidchaser Dispatch
Document | Mar 20, 2022

The Voidchaser Dispatch is the name given to an intelligence report that effectively launched the First Interstellar War. The dispatch officially mobilized the Avalonian Imperial Fleet.

Sable Mallory
Character | Jan 26, 2022

Savannah "Sable" Mallory is a notorious pirate who operates out of Freebooter's Rock . To the Avalonian Imperial Navy , she is a menace. To her ship's crew, she is the Old Lady, everything a ship's master and commander ought to be.

Selene Wintermist Sunfall
Character | Jun 13, 2022

Selene Sunfall (née Wintermist) is a highly-respected and much loved priestess of Arianrhod. Selene, however, has a complicated past; one with equal measures of fame and infamy.

Material | Sep 19, 2021

Mithril is a surprisingly lightweight, silver-blue metal that is essential to a variety of technologies, the most important of which is Starfaring Engines.

Erin's SummerCamp 2021 Articles


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I wish you a word-plentiful month of all of the GOOD kind of creative mayhem. <3

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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