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CorMaden Warhorse

On the plains of CorMaden run the vast herds of great warhorses, that live in service to the knightly orders of the land. These horses, smarter than many humans, have adapted to a life of higher intelligence. They are more selective in their breeding (that's not saying much for stallions) and mares will generally only allow the "genetically superior" stallions to breed with them.

These horses may not be trained, per se, but rather taught, much like primate children. They are also smart enough not to suffer abuse, and most have incredible common sense (they don't call it horse sense for nothing). They have a good sense of character, and rarely get duped into following someone malignant. This is not to say that morally loose CorMaden horses don't exist, just that with a society with no real sense of possession, greed is almost unknown and without it, most malice is avoided as well.

The horses are highly sought after, for their companionship, by cavaliers and knights of all sorts and many horses emigrate to foreign lands with their companions. Because of this, the horses have adapted to many different environments and vary in size from large ponies to great destriers and courseurs.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Mares have their own individual names among the horses but they are unpronouncable by homo sapiens so they are generally happy with the name the agree on with their companion

Masculine names

Like mares, stallions have individual names by which they are known to other horses, but these names are not pronouncable by humanoid tongues. The stallions are generally satisfied with the name they and their companion agree on.

Family names

The horses generally have no use for family names and all members of a herd can usually recognise one another


Beauty Ideals

Stallions are not very selective about their breeding partners and are for the most part lusty creatures. Their general concept of attractiveness is "willing". Mares on the other hand, are much more selective and choose mates who are strong, intelligent, healthy and most of all gentle. The mares know too well the stories of damaged mares by over eager stallions.

Gender Ideals

CorMaden mares prefer males who are strong and assertive but not pushy and/or overbearing, CorMaden stallions prefer females that are breathing.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship among the horses is the process by which a Knight or the like convinces a horse to work with them as a companion. This is individual to each horse but mostly what they are looking for is the things we can do with opposable thumbs, such as grooming. If a horse thinks they will be properly cared for, they will agree to the rider/mount agreement. However they are well aware of duplicity and have long memories of those who attempt to deceive them.

Relationship Ideals

Mares will stay with a stallion for as long as he stays healthy, strong and gentle, and fights the other stallions who think they can just take her. She is fully capable of defending herself and her foals, but prefers to let the stallions do the fighting. As it is a status symbol among stallions to have many mares, stallions will stay with any mare that will have them, indefinitely.
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