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Spooktober 2022

An ominous air hangs over the world, with the Necromancers of Totania fleeing their homes, crowding the streets to dress up and tell stories for their great holiday. The spookiest time of the year has begun, and it is time now to bring that energy to the tales of Totania, spreading the holiday spirit.   Welcome to the Totania Spooktober 2022 article hub. Enjoy the spooky (and, in some cases, non-spooky) tales and articles that populate this article, made from the start of the month through until Halloween.   To give five suggestions if you don't know where to start, here are five of my personal favorites:
  1. Queen of the Scarlet Mist- The Elven Queen who was betrayed by her usurper brother and turned into a vengeful spirit.
  2. March of the Orcs- The forceful removal of the Orcs from their land by the Elves.
  3. The Two-Faced Cult- The worshippers of the God of Duality and Portals, Janus.
  4. Farewell Tears- A poison that kills with laughter.
  5. Justice Hurts- A famous painting of a tearful duel between a student and his mindless mentor.

Prompt 1: Portrait

Justice Hurts
Item | Oct 3, 2022

A Painting Depicting the Necessary Sacrifice for Justice between a Foster Son and His Adoptive Father.


Prompt 2: Vanish

Ilder Massacre
Military Conflict | Oct 29, 2022

The Mass Slaughter and Disappearance of the Ilderian People.


Prompt 3: Abandoned

Settlement | Oct 13, 2022

The Sunken Triton City.


Prompt 4: Enchant

Settlement | Oct 13, 2022

The Enchanting Village of Dragonborn, a puppet state of the Elven Kingdom.


Prompt 5: Misfortune

Fulkac Sagar
Character | Oct 15, 2022

The 58th Grand Wizard, one of the unluckiest men to ever live, who was replaced by the luckiest man, Felonius Questus.


Prompt 6: Chasm

Mines of the Slime
Geographic Location | Oct 18, 2022

The deep caves where the Slime and Ocultos Goblins reside.


Prompt 7: Thorn

Hunkaberries and Plumpins
Species | Oct 16, 2022

Two related fruits that grow in the east of Elone.


Prompt 8: Howl

Condition | Oct 11, 2022

A condition where a a man turns into a beast, often against their will.


Prompt 9: Mirror

Moradin's Bathroom
Geographic Location | Oct 17, 2022

Heaven of the Dwarven God, an endless hall of bathrooms.


Prompt 10: Broken

The Battlefield
Geographic Location | Oct 10, 2022

The Heavenly Realm of Kord, God of Battle, Strength, and Storms.


Prompt 11: Escape

March of the Orcs
Military Conflict | Oct 11, 2022

The forceful removal of the Orcish people from Elven land to Udai.


Prompt 12: Slime

Species | Oct 18, 2022

A Malleable Species of Goopy Creatures.


Prompt 13: Haunt

Queen of the Scarlet Mist
Character | Oct 9, 2022

The Usurped Elven Queen who now leads a group of bloody Wraiths.


Prompt 14: Ruin

Temple of Bahamut
Organization | Nov 7, 2022

The religion dedicated to the Dragon God of Justice, Honor, Nobility, and Protection.


Prompt 15: Mist

The Scarlet Host
Organization | Oct 9, 2022

The Kingdom of Wraiths that appear in a blood red mist.


Prompt 16: Whisper

Rank/Title | Oct 18, 2022

The holiest of individuals, who can communicate with their Gods outside of Holy Sites.


Prompt 17: Shadow

Species | Oct 12, 2022

Residents of the Void, detached shadows of Dead Men's Souls.


Prompt 18: Spirit

Species | Oct 29, 2022

Vengeful spirits made of blood.


Prompt 19: Relic

The Scarlet Crown
Item | Oct 25, 2022

Vecna's Crown which now summons the Scarlet Host.


Prompt 20: Unquiet

Silent Silver
Material | Oct 19, 2022

A metal that absorbs all sound, used primarily by assassins.


Prompt 21: Shatter

Sage Scepter
Item | Oct 18, 2022

The symbol of domination over Elves and Orcs, once wielded by Vecna, now shattered and scattered around in pieces.


Prompt 22: Lock

The Dragon Gate
Building / Landmark | Oct 25, 2022

A section of the Shi no Yosai fortress where Dragons are locked away.


Prompt 23: Door

The Two-Faced Cult
Organization | Oct 24, 2022

The followers of Janus, seen by some as an organized religion worthy of respect, and by others as a cult worshipping a false God.


Prompt 24: Curse

Curse of the Valedictorian
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Oct 30, 2022

The terrible fate that befalls the person who graduates at the top of a Magic College class.


Prompt 25: Possess

Demonic Possession
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Oct 25, 2022

The Divine Trifecta ability of the Demons, where they take control of mortal hosts to manifest on Totania.


Prompt 26: Abyss

The Void
Geographic Location | Oct 12, 2022

The Realm of the Demons.


Prompt 27: Echo

Monstruo de Eco
Species | Oct 12, 2022

A creature that dwells in caves and speaks only in repeated words and voices.


Prompt 28: Darkness

Character | Oct 17, 2022

The Mana Beast of the Dark Plane.


Prompt 29: Hunt

The Vampire Hunters
Organization | Oct 24, 2022

A group dedicated to eliminating vampirism from Totania.


Prompt 30: Tears

Farewell Tears
Technology / Science | Oct 24, 2022

A poison that forces those around its victims to smile as they watch someone die.


Prompt 31: Drown

Strait of Ildial
Geographic Location | Oct 10, 2022

The dangerous narrow stretch of sea between the continents of Udai and Elone.

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