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Fiends are the standard residents of the Void and the average Demon.  

What Makes a Fiend

Not all Fiends are made equal. Since the beginning of time it is said that Fiends lived in the Void, though whether Chernobog created them or they are the former residents of what he calls "the Old World" is unclear. Since then, these Fiends' population have only grown, and more have come from other means.  
Dead Men by Jarhed

Dead Men

Death Magic, the Item Magic of the Goddess Morrigan, is said to split the body and soul upon death, granting true death as only she can do.   This creates something called the Dead Men, the bodies of those killed with Death Magic, which can only be resurrected by the most powerful necromancers. Dead Men are incredibly dangerous creatures.   Their souls, however, fade away, turning to shadows of their former selves. These shadows go to the realm of nothingness: the Void. Here, they become Fiends. For all Fiends are, in truth, are the shadows of what once was alive.  



The skin of a Fiend is said to feel surprisingly fleshy and soft to the touch. It is dark, as dark as the void of nothingness itself. In the Void, one would be unable to see a Fiend, as their skin blends in with the realm itself.   Fiends have the ability when in the void to shape their bodies, adding parts of the Void itself to give themselves small, decorative body parts like horns. These parts cannot be articulated in any way, and can be removed when in the Void again.  


Fiends do not naturally have horns, but often give themselves horns as a sign of mockery against the Devils who are their natural enemies. Some Fiends use their horns to represent some deeper meaning, while others turn them into jokes.  


The most striking thing on a Fiend is its teeth. Most Fiends have near-permanent smiles on their faces, their bright white teeth never moving. Others are fixed in frowns, yet always their teeth show.
Fiend by RovaRed

The Divine Trifecta

As Fiends are Demons, they are subject to the Divine Trifecta's power like all other Demons.   Demons are weak against Devils and all creatures from the flames of Hell. As Demons thrive in the cold dark void, the warmth and light of flames counteracts their powers.   Against all Holy creatures, including Angels, Demigods, and Gods, Demons are particularly powerful and effective, snuffing out the bright comforting light of the divine.


Fiends generally fall into one of two categories: either they still have some affiliation to the God they worshipped when they once lived, or they are staunch followers of Chernobog and his "Old Gods."   Of course, some Fiends worship no one, but usually a Fiend is one of those two things.
Still, their voices are heard perfectly, as if they were articulating with full-mouth movements. No one knows exactly how, for no Fiend has ever been studied.  


No one knows what Fiends eat. Realm Scholars fear the answer, though some say that since Fiends are like most other people, they could eat mortal food and drink like mortals do.  


Fiends seemingly do not age. Perhaps it is because any cells lost from aging can be regained in the Void. Only if a Fiend is captured and held outside of the Void will it show any signs of aging. In that case, a Fiend could only live to about 100 years old.

Cover image: Chernobog the All Consuming Evil by Jarhed


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