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March of the Orcs

The March of the Orcs is the forced migration of the Orcish people led by Amukk God Breaker from Elone and the Elven Forest to Udai by the Elves led by Galgeon Lusisce and Queen Meiriris Nerifir.  

The Calm Before the Storm

For 2 years after the end of the Holy Rebellion, the Elves and the Orcs lived together in Camor in relative peace. Amukk God Breaker, after defeating Vecna, led his people with pride, yet desired no crown.
Galgeon Lusisce by Jarhed
  Therefore, Amukk agreed to hand the Scarlet Crown over to Meiriris to lead her people on the condition that the Orcs be granted equal rights under her rule. Meiriris, grateful to the Orcs, agreed.  

The Intolerant

Some of the Elves, however, did not like living alongside Orcs. These Elves, led by Galgeon Lusisce, were called the Intolerant.   The Intolerant believed that the Orcs, whose culture had developed much more around physical labour due to the nature of what they had done in the bondage of the Gods, were filthy and barbaric people unfit to populate the gilded city and unfit to be around Elves.   Posting notices around Camor, the Intolerant broadcasted to every Orc in the city that they did not belong. Hunting parties led by Galgeon Lusisce killed and hung up Orcs above the streets as signs for them to leave.   Amukk God Breaker, however, did not budge. He was on record once, when asked by a reporter, to have said:
"We have fought Gods and won with naught but our fists and our will. We will not bend to discrimination from fragile egos. If they wish not to be with us, then let them find a new place. We were here first."
— Amukk God Breaker
  However, the Orcish people, particularly the young who had not experienced the hardship of the Gods rule or the old who had been unable to participate in the battle against the Gods, were not keen to stick out this trouble. Yet they did so for their people and their beloved leader.
Meiriris Nerifir by Jarhed

The Holy Rebellion

Upon the creation of the Elves and Orcs by Sehanine and Gruumsh respectively, two other Gods swooped in and enslaved them: Vecna and Asmodeus.   These Gods became temporary Kings of the World, as no other Kingdom was known to exist to challenge them. Sitting atop their golden thrones with Elves and Orcs doing the work for them.   Amukk God Breaker trained his own strength as his dissatisfaction grew, while Meiriris Nerifir gathered the people together. However, only when Amukk joined in did the Orcs agree to rebel.   Amukk fought against Vecna with his forces while Meiriris fought Asmodeus with hers. They were able to push the Gods back and secure Camor for themselves.
In the year -2022, Amukk God Breaker went into the streets of Camor himself. However he did not kill any Elves. Instead, he took a hammer and began smacking it around, the sound ringing out throughout the golden buildings.
Amukk God Breaker by Jarhed
  Some of Amukk's supporters worried that this would only perpetuate the harmful idea that the Intolerant had created: that the Orcs were a violent, rash group of barbarians. However, Amukk shook his head:
"They will believe that even if I lay down my weapons and leave with my tail between my legs. I care not what image they make of me. I care only what message I convey to them. Repentance can come at another time, as it stands I have only one thing I want them to feel: Fear."
— Amukk God Breaker
  Galgeon Lusisce was the one who met Amukk in the street. Amukk dropped his hammer and drew his sword as Galgeon did the same, and the two battled. The Elves claim that Amukk attacked first, yet all Orcish accounts say that Amukk's blade was only drawn after Galgeon had pierced his chest.   Even with a disadvantage due to a cheap attack from Galgeon, Amukk is said to have utterly destroyed the Intolerant leader. The Orc overpowered Galgeon, tossing him into the gold and smashing his head down. But as he was crushing Galgeon, he saw his people cowering, and heard the Elves screaming in the street. He could not make out exactly what they were saying, but he knew anyway.   Amukk held Galgeon's head to the gold and asked him a simple question:
"If we leave... will you lower your blades?"
— Amukk God Breaker
  Galgeon tried to nod, but Amukk held him in place and told him to answer only verbally. The agreement could only be made if all heard it. Galgeon said simply "Aye."   Amukk let go of Galgeon Lusisce and ordered his men and women with a stirring speech:
"Let us not waste our time any further on a city that does not want us. There is a sprawling world out there waiting for those like us, those with no homes, no acceptance. We need not the acceptance of the intolerant. We have ourselves, and that is more than enough. If they ever wish to accept us, then let them do it on our terms"
— Amukk God Breaker

The March

The Orcish people fled then from Camor, with Amukk God Breaker at their head. However, Galgeon Lusisce and the Intolerant were not true to their word. Galgeon would later say this was because he only said "Aye" to having a verbal agreement, but never actually gave the agreed upon word.   The Intolerant hunted the Orcs, but they were unable to keep up. The Orcs were determined to escape to freedom, even if it took them 40 years to do so. From the 6th of the Month of Torment, -2022 they marched until the 27th of the Month of Sunlight, -1980.   Amukk led them as far as he could, through the forest, past the mountains, and to a landbridge. There is no clear evidence of where this bridge was, but many say it was where the Strait of Ildial now stands, stretching from the lowlands of what is now Roaroux in Elone to the Fields of Slaughter in Udai.   Crossing over the landbridge, Amukk led his people to settle in the western continent of Udai. They were the first people to settle there, guided on by the teachings of their God, they founded the first Orcish settlement, Kruldran.  
Satanael by Jarhed

The Deadly Walk

Not all were able to survive the march. It was a deadly and tiring trek from one continent to the next, halfway across the world. Many died of exhaustion, thirst, or hunger, while others were picked off by wild beasts.   Yet those who survived did so off of their willpower and their strength, to make it to a bright future where they could live in peace. That was all they wanted, not war or conflict, not hatred. Just peace.  

Never Forgive and Never Forget

However there was someone else in Udai waiting for the Orcs. Not a man but a God, one who had been scorned in the past by the Orcish people and had no intent on forgiving them. A God who could never forget what they did to him all those years prior. The God of Devils Asmodeus.   Asmodeus sent an army of Devils to take out the Orcs. He hoped to rid himself of that nuissance once and for all.   Yet Asmodeus's Devils were only able to kill one Orc. For this man stood and fended off the army so that his people may be safe. Amukk God Breaker would not fall to the forces of a God, and stood until the Devilish Army was out of sight, fleeing from him in fear.   His wounds were severe. He began to bleed out when the Devils were gone, and yet his final words were said with a smile.
"Weep not for me. Weep only for those whom I could not protect, of whom there are at this moment none. I live and die fulfilled, let not that satisfaction fade in vain.   This journey was difficult and dangerous. Many of us did not reach the destination, and many still have yet to settle. Yet I declare with my dying breath that this ground in which I shall be buried is our home. The journey ends with me."
— Amukk God Breaker
Orcs have, ever since, lived all throughout Udai, spreading and populating a large majority of the continent's land. All thanks to one man's sacrifice and the strength of an entire species' will.

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