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The inhabitants of the port city Nalanmar.


Major language groups and dialects

The official language is Nimýric, and although higher class citizens are likely to know at least one language from nations with which the Empire maintains diplomatic relationships. Ellaric and Khemilic are by far the most common choices, whereas Paronic and Andasic are heard more rarely. Learning foreign languages is mostly seen as a necessity rather than a voluntary academic pursuit.   Local idioms often reference water, either that of the river or the ocean. The bright light burning down from both Saphéne and the Kaleidoscope are also frequent topics. In fact, the usage of the term Caléidóscópa ("beautiful sight") originates from the University of Nalanmar, where it was used as a secular alternative to the religious interpretation of the Flaming Garden.

Culture and cultural heritage

Strictly speaking, Nalanmar belongs to the Kingdom of Ronochis, but due to their geographical location their culture is more closely related to that of Vélypholis. On top of that, the flourishing exchange with the other kingdoms has introduced countless elements which have seamlessly blended into the local traditions and mannerisms.

Shared customary codes and values


Nalanmar was built on the exchange with traders and scholars from far away, and as such, the locals take great care to make their guests comfortable. It is easy to find a room for the night, a good meal or a guide to the city's points of interest.   The colorful melting pot of different heritages is a famous example of all the Kingdoms living as one in the embrace of the Nimýric Empire. It does not matter from which part of Gysuphun a person is - as long as they adhere to the Nimýric core values and customs, everyone is welcome.

Science and Education

Another pillar of Nalanmar's culture is its prestigous university and, by extension, its excellent school system. Like the rest of the Empire, they believe in the idea that everyone should strive for enlightenment.   Children are heavily encouraged to do their best from an early age on, and young adults from middle or upper class families are expected to study for at least one academic degree. To support these endeavors, museums and libraries offer generous discounts for students. Many even ask for no entrance fee at all, which is made possible by donations from rich local families.

Common Etiquette rules

Like all Nimýrité, people of Nalanmar avoid direct insults and are hesitant to make demands. They are also quick to apologize, especially when the other party appears to be of high socio-economic status. The peace between the different ethnicities is taken very seriously. Consequently, locals harassing outsiders are often met with swift intervention by bystanders or, in extreme cases, the city guards.


Beauty Ideals

The city sits on a natural border between the northern and southern parts of the Vélyphola Desert. Most locals therefore inherited both the yellow-purple coloration of the Vélypholité and the orange-red one of the Ronochité. However, the influx of traders and scholars from the rest of the Nimýric Empire introduced a multitude of other colors into the mix. Particularly exotic colors, such as green or blue fins, are seen as highly attractive.   There is also a strong preference towards intellectuals. People who spend their time coordinating sales or research are considered superior to those who load cargo onto a ship or toil in the farm lands. As such, bulging muscles or callused hands are frowned upon in civilians. This in turn motivates citizens from all social strata to invest in skin care products or machinery which takes care of the heavy lifting.
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

Shared Heritage



Be free to share my water.
— Nalanmaric greeting upon inviting a guest inside
Dependable as the incoming tide.
— Nalanmaric compliment on trustworthiness
A mind as bright as a summer noon.
— Nalanmaric compliment on intelligence
I see that Saphéne was generous when warming you.
— Nalanmaric comment on a stupid idea
It appears that you need help with finding water in the river.
— Nalanmaric insult to one's intelligence


body part Ronochic color Vélypholic color
hair dark orange dark purple
upper gills bright orange golden yellow
lower gills red dark purple
fins bright orange golden yellow

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