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The largest continent on Chryphóra and homeland of the Nimýric Empire.


Gysuphun stretches almost from pole to pole. Its overall shape is elongated with three peninsulas on the western side.

Defining Features


Most mountain ranges on this continent are oriented from southwest to northeast. The largest of them are:  
  • the Gyllgóbýpha Mountains at the northwestern edge
  • the Rógyphu Mountains in the center of the northern half
  • the Aogol Mountains in the continent's center
  • the Vimrydó Mountains along the southwestern peninsula
  • the Sundémina Mountains near the southeastern coast

Rivers and Lakes

The longest river is the Rýbónoca River which runs along the Rógyphu Mountains. To the west of the Aogol Mountains, it is joined by two rivers coming down from the Gyllgóbýpha Mountains. Both of these are named after the large lakes through which they pass: The Cheladon River in the west and the Ulóphao River in the east.   On the eastern side of the Rógyphu mountains, the Saphava Lake is the largest body of water. Finally, north of the same mountain range, there is a fourth large lake known as the Chipatala lake.

Utóaphó Sea

On Gysuphun's southwestern side, the coast takes on a strikingly circular shape. Nimyric scientists still struggle to explain this. Some theories revolve around the fact that Parona appears to fit into this hole, but nobody has drawn any satisfying conclusions from that.

Ellaric Wetlands

South of the Utóaphó Sea, in the north of the southern peninsula, there is a vast area of shallow ocean water and flat islands. These islands are heavily affected by the changing tides, alternating between being mostly submerged and being mountains on a giant mud plane.

Fauna & Flora

Due to its expansion, almost any biome can be found on Gysuphun. Accordingly, there are countless plant and animal species native to this continent.




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