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United Galaxy

Document written by: Edward Oder and Damran Poliva.   Order to obtain the document: [Bunker Buster]   Content: This document will cover the empire, its history, and what it represents. All state secrets shall not be mentioned. Those who share the file to any without permission shall face execution.
The United Galaxy has proven successful compared to the old galactic empires. But they don't know they are walking on the same path as the Davaga empire. Total war is the only option that can keep the empire alive.
— Dova


  The United Galaxy is one of the most powerful empires known in the galaxy. Being relatively young, the United Galaxy is feared and well respected. The United Galaxy have the most potent military and magic users under their command. The empire is at the height of its power. It is proving to the galaxy that a small species can create something powerful. However, the empire has its problems.  

Amount of concurred planets and military personnel

Planets under the United Galaxy’s rule:
Roughly one billion.
Amount of military Personal:


  The United Galaxy uses propaganda and the media to brainwash their population in believing that the United Galaxy is the most prosperous and safest empire to live in compared to other galactic empires. This means the United Galaxy will have an easier time making the population ignorant and blind to the horrors the empire has committed. Civilian communications are continually being monitored without their knowledge. Making sure treasonous ideas and thoughts will be noted and destroyed if necessary.   The United Galaxy has control of the lower rim, which has the most inhabitable planets in the galaxy. This means they will have an easy and rapidly growing population that can instantly replenish their numbers of military personnel. They can also use these planets to serve as agriculture worlds, worlds that are made to produce food to feed the empire.


  The United Galaxy’s political system is getting too complicated the more they expand. More leaders are needed to be elected to control sectors, minor sectors, and planets. This requires people with a lot of leadership capabilities. Because of their brainwashing scheme, finding leaders that are not reliant on the empire for guidance is proven difficult.   The other problem is corruption by having too many people in the political system. Preventing fraud is close to impossible. Political leaders will not rebel against the empire because they will not have enough military power to battle against the entirety of the empire. Nevertheless, they will direct traffic of taxpayer’s dollars and resources to themselves and only give a decent amount to the empire to not raise suspicions. This could ultimately be the United Galaxy’s downfall if they don’t fix their political system.



  The Empress/Emperor runs the whole empire. They have the final say on everything that affects the empire as a whole. However, they do not run planets, minor sectors, sectors, or the council of species. Their job is to rule the empire by enforcing laws that support the empires ideas of expansion and control.  

Council Of Species

  The council of species are members that represent their species. Their job is to bring up any issues that the species within the empire is having. The council will make laws to protect the species they are representing. They will make sure these laws are followed on a sector level. They do not have full control over how planets and sectors run; they only have the power to make sure the planet/sector does not oppress or demonise a species for any reason. Species that do not have any representation on the council will not have any civil rights or the right to citizenship.  

Sector Governors

  Sector Governors represents their sector. Their job is to make sure the sector is under control and following the laws of the empire. A sector governor has the full power of their sector and can make any laws they wish that only their sector would follow. Sectors have two different types of laws, core and ridged. Core is a type of law that every planet and the minor sector must follow. Ridged are laws that the minor sector can follow if they so wish. For example, they can legalise an item; it is up to the minor sector has to decide if they want the object to be legal in their minor sector/planet. However, if the item is illegal in a sector every minor sector and planet must abide by that law.  

Minor Sector Governors

  Minor sector governors, their job is to make sure the solar systems and planets are following the laws of the empire and the sectors. A minor sector governor does the same thing as a sector governor but on a smaller scale, but unlike a sector governor, a minor sector governor can affect a planet's government if they see the planet is unstable or going against the values of the empire.  

Solar System Governors

  Solar system governors job is to control the military and trade routes between planets and solar systems. A solar system governor must also make sure planets are following the laws of the sector and the minor sector.  

Planetary Governments

  A planetary government runs the planet. They have the right to run the planet however they pleased. They can be authoritarian, communist, a monarchy, etc. A planet has the right to have its own political systems, beliefs, and values. However, they must have full support to the empire, follow its laws, and pay planetary taxes, which are 20% of the planet's military, 5% of the planet's resources, and 20% of the planet's finances. A planet can trade with other planets within the empire to support their planet. Their minor sector can fund the planet by supplying more then what the empire ask for during planetary taxation day, which is usually a planetary shield or a defence platform.

Public Agenda

The United Galaxy’s goal is to rule the galaxy by their standards and to bring anyone and everyone under their banner, by war, or by peace. They will destroy any opposition that goes against their beliefs and norms. Anyone within the empire who goes against the empire’s rules and views will face execution. If a planet defines the law of the empire, they will face extermination.


The United Galaxy have control of the lower rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. The lower rim has the most inhabitable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Giving them the advantage of having a faster-growing population, military, and agricultural resources.



History of the United Galaxy has been redacted or lost due to the industry of propaganda. This section is written by Y’hav Kam.
Earth 2029AD:
The Imperium found humanity is technologically advancing rapidly. They notice a Lacerta is on Earth, believing the only reason for humanity’s advancement is because of him. A superior species rapidly advancing a lesser race scared the Imperium because they fear the individual is building up a military to rebel against the empire. The Imperium soon arrested the Lacerta and will soon destroy humanity to prevent humanity from becoming to advance. The Lacerta will later escape from the Imperium and warned humanity on the upcoming battle.  
Earth 2030AD:
The Imperium started their invasion of Earth. They planned to destroy the planet from Jupiter. The plan suddenly changed when humanity teleported half of their nukes to the invading forces. The destroying almost half of their fleet designated to destroy planets and knock out their communication vassals. Because of the destruction of the communication vassals, they are unable to commutate to the empire. Therefore, they will siege the planet and take control of it because returning to their empire will make a mockery of the military and its command. If the Imperium have control of Earth they will be able to establish communications with their empire.  
Earth 2031AD:
After 11 months of warfare, the forces of demons, angels, superhumans, and a secret army is known as the Templar Order attacked the Imperium all at once. The estimated strength of the combined forces is over 3 billion. With this sudden surprise, the Imperium is unable to fight back successfully and will later be defeated in the same year. Making the space force to retreat and say the mission was a success but were attacked by the Davaga empire, covering up the defeat and making no one investigating the battlefield.  
Earth 2032AD:
Jeniffer Abernu and ███████ ███. Both purpose an idea to expand among the stars and to create a new world order. Jennifer wants to rule the world with an iron fist, and to destroy the Imperium that invaded Earth. ███████ wants to expand, but more "peacefully". Wanting to establish peace with the Imperium to avoid further conflict. Jeniffer and ███████ both disagree on how a new world order should work. This disagreement created a short civil war between the two factions. █████ Abernu did not want his only daughter to die, challenges ███████ to the battle of the death to establish the new world order. They will both die due to their injuries. Jennifer Abernu would later use their deaths to promote her political influence. Making her the ruler of Earth.  
Earth 2043AD:
Humanity built 500 colony ships using the broken down vessels of the Imperial star force to populate the nearest stars. The problem being the ships can only house 200 people. Making population growth on new star systems slow. So humanity advice a plan to make breeding pods named ‘Ark pods’ that will have 20 eggs and sperm. The pods can create a full-grown human in only 2 months. The Pods can easily be stored in ships. Making the ships only carry over 500 pods.  
The colony mission is a success. Humanity has populated over 300 planets with an average population of 2 million. Each planet creates 60 more colony ships to expand the population of humanity. While humanity is expanding, they found alien races like the Shrimp, Droger, and the Formicdea. Humanity created an alliance with them that will soon be called the United Galaxy.  
The United Galaxy freed the Droger planet J’var from the Davaga Empire. The United Galaxy will expand its borders on neutral space, and the lower rim. Making this newly formed empire an unstoppable force against primitive species.  
The Imperium and the Davaga Empire declared war on The United Galaxy. This war will be fought to establish borders for the empires.  
The United Galaxy concurred the planet Proxima. Making the Proxmonain race join the United Galaxy in the Boarder war.  
The Hive has entered the Milky Way Galaxy through Warp speeds. This sudden introduction of the empire has taken over key Imperium and United Galaxy planets.  
Jeniffer Abernu was fighting against The Hive on the planet Armageddon and died by a Pure Born. Her daughter Zatana Abernu rightfully became the new ruler of the United Galaxy after her mother died. During the battle of Armageddon the United Galaxy found out the Hive are afraid of fire.  
The United Galaxy has organised a program to make genetically enhanced super soldiers. They started experimenting on humans because of a law that has been passed that allows human experimentation's. The candidates are Special Forces members who achieve highly in battle. The implants used for the experiment needs lots of testosterone to be effective; these implants can be fatal to females or make them infertile.  
The humans in the super soldier program have experiments that made them unrecognised as being human. This technology created a new species under the law of the council, which the species will later be called Enhanced Humans. Power armour and weapons known as Kilian guns are created for the new species for war.  
The human colony program will end because humans have over populated most of the planets within the empire. The estimated population of humans is roughly around 500 trillion to ten sextillion. The United Galaxy have over 700 million planets under their control when the program ended.  
The United Galaxy and Imperium made truths to attack the Davaga Empire by making them create another front. They guided the Hive swarm fleets which are estimated to have over 300 million sporgs and relocated them at the west side of the Milky Way Galaxy to attack the Davaga Empire. Making them create three fronts to defend themselves, a tactical advantage that will make the Imperium and United Galaxy invade the Davaga Empire’s territories.  
The Empress of the United Galaxy declared peace with the Imperium and the Davaga Empire to end the border war. During the time of peace the empires try to eradicate the Hive in the Milky Way Galaxy.  
The Revelation Empire is formed out of nowhere. They conducted a sneak attack on every planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. This made the Revelation take over a large number of planets and resource space. This reaction will make all of the empires panics for the survival of their rule, breaking the peace in the process. This created an event known as The Great Conflict. This conflict will be a war for the survival of one empire.  
A United Galaxy fleet of reinforcements was sent to the planet of Relithven. The reinforcements were not delivered to the planet and are deemed missing in action.

Demography and Population

The United Galaxy’s population is diverse. But the majority of the population is humans that make roughly 40% of the empire's population.


The United Galaxy concurred the lower rim of the Milky Way Galaxy. Giving the advantage of having the most Inhabitable planets to expand their population and military personnel.


The Templar Armed Forces.

Technological Level

United Galaxy technology is a balance of magic and science. Using the pros and cons of both. This gives them the ability to make items more powerful and useful for everyday life. The empire uses magic as a primary source of electricity, and warfare. The technology is advanced but hard to use and master. Since magic has a tendency to detonate if exposed to too much magical energy.


There is no real set religion in the United Galaxy. Since there are millions of beliefs, with thousands of different versions of that religion within the empire. But the United Galaxy will use religion to their advantage, often using religious organisations to make propaganda that glorifies war and the empire for the survival of their faith.

Foreign Relations

Every empire in the galaxy is a threat in the United Galaxy’s eyes. They would refuse foreign relations unless they are joining the empire.

Agriculture & Industry

The United Galaxy is a more industry superpower. Manufacturing anything and everything the empire can think of. The United Galaxy will make whole planets into one factory to produce one thing for the empire like knives, bullets, or spacecraft engines. The United Galaxy doesn’t care about the planet's environment or the civilian population. The United Galaxy only cares about the amount of produce they created within their factories to fuel the fires of war.

Trade & Transport

The United Galaxy created a warp gate system. This system is designed to build a network within the United Galaxy. Certain ships on the empire have access to the network system. The system will help United Galaxy planets/sectors/minor sectors trade, transport military personnel, or transfer information. The Warp gate system is quick and reliable, but very complicated to maintain and create new network systems.


It’s up to the planet on how the population is going to be educated. But every education system in every planet must follow a basic guideline. The planet must indoctrinate the population to believe the empire is the most glories and safest in the galaxy compared to other empires. The rest is just trivial.


The United Galaxy have guidelines that each planet must follow. Each solar must have a spaceship port, a military training facility, a fort or battle base, a government system that supports the empire, and the ability to grow its own crops for the population.   Once a planet has all of these requirements, they can do whatever they want as long they support the empire.

United we stand, divided we fall

  A theme song for the United Galaxy.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
United Banner
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of State
Empress Zatana Abernu
Head of Government
Empress Zatana Abernu
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Client state / puppet state
Economic System
Mixed economy
United Dollor
Legislative Body
United Galaxy Empress/Emperor, and the council of species.
Judicial Body
The Empress/Emperor
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities

At war.

The Hive and the United Galaxy are currently fighting in the east side of the galaxy.

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6 Oct, 2018 17:35

Seeing a lot of switching between past and present tense. So you've got three empires who were already at war teaming up to stop a galactic invader? There's a lot of history to unpack and seems like it would make for interesting reading later on. Where did that The Revelation Empire come from anyway?

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
7 Oct, 2018 11:28

The Revelation was finding mostly outside of the galaxy. I will make an article about the Revelation and how they took over nearly all of the resource galaxy.

7 Oct, 2018 06:24

This is a lot of information in one place and I believe there is a timeline option that you can place your timeline in to make this less...dense. I am confused at one main thing.

, the Imperium was attacked by demons, angels...
There is no real set religion. Since there are millions of religions, with thousands of different versions of that religion within the United Galaxy.
Were these not angels from Heaven and demons from Hell respectively? If they were actual celestial and infernal forces fighting side by side with people, how do the religions that espouse their existence not become the defacto religion(s) of the Empire?

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
7 Oct, 2018 11:47

Yep, the angels and demons are from the realms of Heaven and Hell respectively.   To answer your question about the exposure of angels and demons and interacting with normal people. Humanity already knows the existence of angels and demons before the Imperium invaded, but they viewed them as super powered humans with some major defects. So when they showed up, humanities religions didn’t begin to change when they come around. It’s just after the Imperium invasion humanity religions fell apart, since they know the existence of heaven and hell. Long story short only a small handful of religions survived knowing the existence of heaven and hell. The religions that survived are paid to make the civilian population become more patriotic, forcing the religion and its temples to make propaganda so the civilian civilian population like the empire. There was some defectors that want to follow their religion but that is rare because of the empire paid theses religions to paint the empire to be good and glories.

DoodleSM Benjamin Paris
8 Oct, 2018 13:55

What I like about this article: You've put a lot of detail in the history and its interesting to read about. some critiques: if I was an emperor, why would I want to wage constant war against anything that comes close to me? If I were a galactic emperor, I would want to have peace time just to be intervals between war. Empires that rule by terror usually don't last that long (Nazis for example)   "Destroying anyone that goes near them. Anyone within the empire goes against the empire’s rules and beliefs will face execution. If a planet defines the rule of the empire, they would face extermination."

Elijah T
Elijah Talbot
9 Oct, 2018 13:17

I read your comment and read my article and I can see and one hundred agree with your point. So I made some fixes to make the empire still bad but with some things that differs it from other evil empires. If you have any other feedback I would love to hear.