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100cal Sniper Rifle

The 100cal sniper rifle is a heavy sniper rifle owned by the United Galaxy. The weapon is feared and favoured by the soldiers for being an effective weapon. Yet the weapon is only designed for only one species, that being human.   The weapon has the following specifications:
  • The weapon can only fire in semi-automatic.
  • The standard magazine can only carry 5 rounds.
  • The weapon can only use the 100cal round with different variations of the 100cal, like explosive, anti-armour, and anti-magic.
  • The weapon gives off a lot of recoils, meaning they can’t fire the weapon standing. The user must lean the weapon at a hard surface behind them to fire the weapon, firing the weapon without leaning it on a hard surface will face injury of the shoulder or even death.
  • The weapon can be used in any type of environment without being clean.
  • The maximum effective distance is over 10,000 meters.
  • The muzzle velocity is over 80,000 ft/second.
  • The weapon comes with a built-in 2x – 300x scope with hundreds of built-in features, like thermal, night vision, etc.
  • The weapon is unable to be customised, but you can upgrade the built-in computer systems to add modes for the scope, or give important information the planet the user is being deployed at.
  • The weapon has a built-in computer system that can help the user determine the bullet travel time, wind speed and direction, weapon adjustments, and where the bullet will hit.
  • The weapon’s stock is built to place over the shoulder to limit the effects of recoil. The stock can only fit the human body, anything smaller would be injured by the weapon’s recoil, and anything bigger would be uncomfortable for the user.
  The weapon is huge and bulky, but it is known to be the most powerful sniper rifle in the world. The weapon is criticised for being designed for one purpose and is used in only a handful of environments, making it soon phased out by the Templar Armed Forces because of its cost and its unpractical nature. Some planets will manufacture their own 100cal sniper rifles as a symbol of strength and wealth, but the handful of troops trained to use the weapon will not be issued any repairs if the weapon is damaged.


The weapon is a unique heavy sniper rifle designed to eliminate heavy air and land vehicles.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
United Galaxy
Owning Organization
United Galaxy
26 kilograms 27 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
240 cm long x 20 cm
Base Price

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