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High General of the United Galaxy

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Domino]   Content: This document will cover the role of the High General and its purpose in the Templar Armed Forces.
  The High General title is made by the United Galaxy to maintain manpower, equipment, strategies, formations, and requirement of the empire's military. The rank is the highest anyone can achieve within the Templar Armed Force.


To be qualified for the rank of High General. The person must be in the military for a total of three years, passed the NCO (non-commissioned officer) and CO course (commissioned officer) course. The person must also be able to pass the sector governor course. Once they have all of these qualifications, they are able to become the High General of the Templar Armed Forces after being approved by the ruler of the empire.


The person must show an intense devotion to the empire by having a willing attitude to sacrifice everything for the greater good of the empire.


Once the High General has all of the qualifications. The ruler of the empire will see if they are worthy to become the High General. When the High General is appointed their home planet will have a military parade and a statue dedicated to them.


The duties of the High General is to support the growth and strength of the Templar Armed Forces. By raising funds for manufacturing weaponry and vehicles, create new training programs, and organising military operations.


The High General responsibilities are to maintain the military might of the United Galaxy and its defences by any means necessary. They also must make sure the military will forever have an endless amount of men and equipment.


The High General has access and authority over the United Galaxy's military requirement, equipment, and training. A High General can organise their very own campaigns to take over parts of the galaxy for the empire, with the approval of the ruler of the empire.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The High General will wear the best infantry armour and will have access to the best weapons. High Generals are not allowed to have power armour or any personal vehicles.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If the High General is unable to complete the task the ruler of the empire gave them or refuses to follow them. The High General will be demoted to an officer and will be unable to leave the military until death. The High General can be dismissed if they are too old or too sick, mentally and physically.

Cultural Significance

The title and rank are viewed with the highest of respect, loyalty and fear.

Notable Holders

Bunker Buster.

Civic, Military, Commissioned
The title is still in affect.
Jennifer Abernu created the title in the year 2045 for the Templar Armed Forces.
Alternative Naming
Sir/Ma’am, General
Equates to
A rank equal to a High General is a council member. The High General can’t give or take orders from from the council, but must be able to follow the orders of the ruler of the United Galaxy Empress/Emperor.
Source of Authority
The Emperor/Empress of the United Galaxy
First Holder
Bunker Buster
Past Holders
Reports directly to
United Galaxy Empress/Emperor
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