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M7 Fragment

The M7 Fragment is a standard issued grenade made by the United Galaxy. The weapon is designed the make the surrounding area implode into the grenade itself. The weapon is favoured by United Galaxy soldiers because of its wide use, for clearing rooms and making large vehicles fall off ledges.   The weapon has the following specifications:
  • The grenade is able to implode within a radius of 7 meters.
  • The maximum weight that will be affected by the weapons implosion is around 4 tons, anything heavier will not be affected by the weapon because of its weight.
  • If anything is affected by the weapon they will crumble around it in speeds of 200 km/h. If the organism is a, for example, a human, their body would be stretched so it can equally wrap around the grenade.
  • The weapon is detonated by the person bulling the pin located at the top of the grenade. In five seconds the artificial gravity system will be activated for a short duration of time (roughly three seconds but can be shorter depending on the number of materials that are present when the weapon is enabled.)
  The weapon is liked by the United Galaxy for being very versatile, but the weapon is heavily criticised for being unsafe. The pin can quickly come off by being snagged onto something, or the grenade being hit hard enough on the sides. Most of the time the soldier wouldn’t equip the grenade on their person.


The weapon is a generic mass produced weapon for the military.

Item type
Weapon, Other
United Galaxy
Owning Organization
United Galaxy
Very Common
0.39 kilograms
90 mm long x 70 mm
Base Price

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