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The ME57 just like the ProTech's Pulse Rifle combines the benefits of both kinetic and energy weaponry. The weapon is both accurate and poise but is more expensive to mass produce than the ProTech's Pulse Rifle, so the United Galaxy only issues the weapons to the Templar Elites .   The weapon has the following specifications:
  • The weapon can fire in semi-automatic, 3 burst, and full automatic.
  • The rate of fire of the weapon in full automatic is 700 – 900 rounds per minute.
  • The standard magazine can carry 50 rounds, the weapon can also be feed with an ammunition belt.
  • The weapon uses cartridge magnet tips .223 rounds, it can also be explosive, anti-armour, and material variations of the .223 round.
  • The weapon gives off little to no recoil and only a small amount of spread, making the weapon very easy to use and accurate in battle.
  • The weapon is able to be used in any type of environment without being cleaned, the weapon is also resistant to corrosive material.
  • The maximum effective distance is over 400 meters.
  • The muzzle velocity is over 6000ft/second.
  • The weapon has a medium size reflex sight that has different modes, there is standard which is just a red dot sight, night vision, thermal, X-ray which makes the soldier see through light materials, and sonar.
  • The weapon is easily customisable, having a rail system around the gun’s barrel, this gives the soldier the opportunity to customise it to suit their needs in any given situation.
  • The stock of the weapon can be attached and detached to aid the soldier in urban combat.
  • The weapon will fire a small beam of heat which is 30 degrees Celsius with an effective range of 110 meters.
  • The weapons short beam heat modulator acts as a small magnetic rail system which aids the bullet travelling further and faster. It also has a tendency to heat the tip of the bullet.
  • At the bottom of the gun's barrel is an attachment clip designed to attach grenade launchers, shotguns, and small stun rifles.
  • The Weapon has an onboard computer system built to help the reflex sight go through its modes effectively. It can also link up with the soldier's helmet to tell the soldier where the rifle is aiming and where the bullet will go when fired.
  The weapon is slim and delict in design. For the weapon to be sent off for war, it will be tested to see if the weapon is safe for the user. The weapon is known to be perfect for close quarters and medium range combat. The weapon is liked by the United Galaxy for being superior to the ProTech's Pulse Rifle, but the empire cannot mass produce them because of the cost. The weapon is too costly for the empire to mass produce it for their standard infantry. The weapon has a design problem, however, while the different modes for the reflex sight are effective, it can easily be tricked and manipulated. For example, thinking a small gush of air is a heat signature. Overall the weapon is very reliable, safe, and deadly in the United Galaxy's arsenal.


The weapon is a standard issue weapon only produced for the Elites of the military because of its cost in mass producing the weapon.

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
United Galaxy
Owning Organization
United Galaxy
3,6 kilograms 4,1 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
50 cm (stock retracted) 60 cm (stock extended) long x 12 cm
Base Price

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1 Dec, 2018 13:03

Sleek design! Does it's rarity due to production costs make it more of a diserable weapon to have in an arsenal?

1 Dec, 2018 13:46

That's true it would be more desirable because of the benefits it presents, but there's a problem and that is the cost. The weapon must be mass produced to equipped an army that couldn't be counted, its a problem because you would have to spend a lot of money and eventually cut corners. By spending less money on grenades and resources for vehicles. Its a good weapon but it would affect the whole military negatively because they need to spend money on that one weapon.