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United Galaxy Templar Armed Forces (Templar Elites)

Document written by: J’val Qinivar   Order to obtain the document: [Black Iron]   Content: This document will cover how the Templar Elites works, their role within the Templar Armed Force, and their strategies.
We are the more than just skilled soldiers, we have a specific role that the Knights have difficulties. While they take the battle to a more personal level, we take the battle near its end.
— Sargent Dee
  The Templar Elites are one of the United Galaxy most professional formations in the Templar Armed Forces. The Templar Elites will conduct any near-impossible mission to promise victory for the empire by taking over enemy spaceships, reconnaissance, and bringing the battle to its end by using their wits and powerful weaponry.



The total amount of personal is uncounted. This is because the empire doesn’t want the enemy to know the number of elites in service. Speculations from enemy forces believe the number of personal ranges from 30 trillion to 100 quadrillion.


The equipment can be different depending on the planet the elites is stationed at. However, the solider must all carry this equipment to maintain some uniformity.  

Templar war suit mark II
The Elite forces use the Templar war suit mark II. The suit works similarly to the mark I, but it has further upgrades. The suit is equipped with bionic googles that can now see through mater to find any thermal readings, heartbeats, or sounds. The suit is also able to make the user survive in space for a short duration of time.  
The item is issued to every elite personnel to tend to their own wounds in battle. Like that will be an issue since they seem to never be able to get hit.  
In case the elite is lost from their section, the kit has supplies that would last three days. Or more if they pack a sandwich than it would last for a month.


There are hundreds of different weapons that are used by different species. Mainly because of their anatomy, resources available, and cultural reasons. This is the list off the weapons that are commonly mass produced and are issued. These are the weapons the Templar Elites use.  


50 cm (stock retracted) 60 cm (stock extended) long
Assault Rifle
2,700 meters maximum, 400 meters effective range
3,6 kilograms 4,1 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
50   The weapon was made by the Templar Order in the year 1998AD, now the Templar Armed Forces modified the weapon for modern combat. The weapon is very effective in close quarters combat, as the scope can see through light materials and able to detect any thermal readings.

Lighting grenade

9 meters
0.40 kilograms   The lighting grenade was made for crowd control. Can either stun the enemy, paralyse, or kill them. Now the weapon is used by the empire for spaceship breaching.

Microwave shotgun

60cm long
energy shotgun
100 meters effective range in water (50 meters effective range out of the water)
puffer disk
7 kilograms 8 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
10   The microwave shotgun shoots a pulse of microwave radiation, the weapons radiation can go through almost any type of amours, shields, and surfaces.

Defenders pistol

70mm long
energy pistol
300 meters effective range (150 meters effective range out of the water)
core batteries
500g 1.5 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
120   The weapon is a small sidearm used by both the military and the civilian population. Has a mode to stun or kill, the weapon is perfect for breaching.

Stun rifle

60cm (stock retracted) 70cm (stock extended) long
energy assault rifle
200 meters effective range
core batteries
5 kilograms 6 kilograms (when ammo is loaded)
100   Used by riot control, the rifle is excellent for stunning bigger creatures like the proxmonians and pure born.

Stun grenade

6 meters
0.35 kilograms   The weapon is made to stun multiple targets at once, primarily used by the police and riot control.


The Templar Elites will use any vehicle that is within the United Galaxy. But they have their own specialised vehicle that no other forces are allowed to use.  

Used only by the Templar Elites, the vehicle is designed to pierce through the spaceships armour making the elites enter the ship and to conduct their mission. The vehicle can carry 15 members at once. The vehicle has defensive weapons to protect the shuttle from harm. These are four 75cal machineguns, 50 homing rockets, and a light laser.


4 soldiers make a fire squad. A fire squad is led by a Breach Sargent.   10 fire squads make a breaching crew. A breaching crew is led by a Warrant officer.   10 breaching crews make a battalion. A battalion is led by a Lieutenant. 20 battalions make a brigade. A brigade is led by a Captain.   10 brigades make a Division. A Division is led by a Colonel.   30 Divisions make a Special Force. A special force is led by Minor General.   20 Special Forces make a Solar system army. A solar system army is led by a solar system General.   500 solar system armies make a minor sector force. A minor sector force is led by a Battle Commander.   500 minor sector focuses make a Sector force. A sector force is led by a Sector Governor.   40 sector focuses make a war division. A war division is led by a High General.   3 war divisions make the Templar Elite Force. A Templar Elite Force is led by the Empress/Emperor.   The numbers of men per fire squad can change depending on the planets population, resources, etc.


The tactics of the Templar Armed Forces is to play defensive. Fortifying any position they take to halt any enemy advancement.   The role of the Templar Elites is to breach enemy positions and conduct recon operations to map out the terrain and the enemy in the area. The Templar Elites will also perform spacecraft breaching operations to take over enemy spacecraft or to kill a high-value target.


Unlike other forces within the Templar Armed Forces, the planet cannot alter or modify the training of the Templar Elites; the preparation of an ordinary soldier to become an elite will take almost two years.   The Templar Elite candidates will go through a fitness test to achieve the above average fitness requirements determined for that species. If the candidates pass the fitness test they will go through four months of endurance training, each week they will do 20-kilometre runs, 10 kilometre swims, and 40-kilometre hikes with 40 kilograms of equipment. 5% of candidates will die during this time by exhaustion or environmental means. At the end of endurance training, the 20% of candidates that underperformed compared to other candidates will go back to their original forces.   After the endurance training, the candidates will go through five months of combat training. During this time the candidates are trained in zero gravity infantry combat, spacecraft breaching/capture and control, advance recognisance, and advance hand-to-hand combat against other species within the galaxy. It is very uncommon that candidates will die during the combat training because they either fail to follow safety procedures or environmental factors; the death rate is around 2%. Candidates are tested, but it is uncommon if they failed during the testing stages.   The next stage is the survival stage, which will last four months. During this stage, the candidates will be taught how to survive in any environment, how to survive behind enemy lines, and in a sporg/occupied enemy spacecraft if the breaching mission is unsuccessful. At the end of the lessons, the candidate will be tested by being thrown at a random location on the planet, with a search and kill warrant on their head. Their mission is to return to base in one month, without killing anyone for any reason. Usually, 30% of candidates will die from the police force, garrison force, and civilians.   The final stage of training is called the psychological residence and mental endurance test, this stage will last over five months. The candidate will go through common interrogation methods, humiliation, psychological manipulation, and mental breaching techniques by drugs, magic, etc. 40% of the remaining candidates will leave the program due to the hardship of the interrogations and mental manipulation of the mind.   Magical beings like angels, demons, and magic users. Will have an extra two months to go through magical combat training to learn more advance spells.   At the end of the training, the candidate who passed all of the tests will become a member of the Templar Elites and will be rewarded the Star of Iron.


Logistical Support

The Templar Elites will not have any assistance from any Templar forces, the Templar Elites must be able to be self-reliant and reliable. The only time the Templar Elites can have combat assistance is when they are doing joint operations with the Templar Knights.


Templar Armoured Force

Will give the Templar Infantry Force cover fire, to aid them during their advancement.  

Templar Artillery Force

Will bombard the area the enemy is, making thei advancement difficult.  

Templar Calvary Force

To protect the flanks and the rear of the Templar Armed Force.  

Templar Naval Force

To aid the Templar Armed Forces during naval combat.  

Templar Star Force

Aid the Templar Forces in transportation to different planets. Or protecting them from space.  

Templar Magic Force

Magic users would assist the Templar Infantry Force during their advancement.

Templar Realm Force

Angels and Demons would be attached to attack magic users or supernatural threats.  

Templar Knights

Enhanced Humans would be attached to take down high-value targets and positions to speed up the advancment.  

Templar Scribes

Will do admin work to keep the army running smoothly.  

Templar Infantry Force

Will advance slowly and hunker down. They will have first contact with the enemy and will be assisted by the other forces while advancing.  

Templar Air Force

Will protect the other forces from enemy aircraft.


The upkeep of each soldier can be around 1,000 - 500,000UD   It’s up to the planet on how they pay for equipment and soldiers.


To be a member of the Templar Elites a soldier must be one of the top 10% of students based in the Templar War Academy; it doesn’t matter what force the soldier is apart on except for the Templar Knights. The other way a soldier can become a Templar Elite is performing well in battle and conflict by showing a tremendous amount of skill and courage.


The history of the Templar Elites is classified. The Templar Elites are shrouded in secrecy that the ordinary citizen won’t even know of their existence. The Templar Armed Forces will also try to keep operations the Templar Elites conducted hidden away under lock and key.   Stories speculate from other forces believe the Templar Elites have at times have competitions against the Templar Knights. Some rumours state they might at times have their own personal battles to prove who is the better elite force.   At times the Templar Elites will give false stories to enemy officers or tell them stories that are half true. Famous stories the Templar Elites like to spread around is a story of a fire squad that single-handedly took over a planet by hacking into the planetary defence systems and pointing the guns at the defenders' cities.

Historical loyalties

Most of the soldier’s loyalists would be their home planet. Yet the soldiers would have extreme loyalties to their Empress, and High Generals that come from Earth.

Special Forces
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Used by

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19 Feb, 2019 11:12

You could consider populating the side panel with hooks to the various things you mention in the main panel. Stuff like, who/what the Templar Armed Force is, any particular training facilities they are currently using, any wars they're currently really active in.   The side panel might also be a good place to put some of the equipment, since they really make the main panel quite long right now.  

by taking over enemy spaceships to recognisance.
  recognisance = reconnaissance   And do you mean they're taking over ships to recon them, or do you mean they do everything from taking over enemy spaceships to reconnaissance? It's a bit unclear.  
and 40-kilometre kikes with 40 kilograms of equipment
  Hikes?   Also, more information of how they integrate magic and demons would be neat! That sounds like a real game-changer and is much more interesting than a lot of the typical soldier-y stuff. How does that change how they work, how they structure and how they operate? Are there enchanted guns? Magic bullets? +2 Orbital Cannons?

20 Feb, 2019 13:05

I thank your criticism, and I hope I fixed some things. Now some question time.   Demons and magic aren't much of a game changer anymore. While there is some powerful spells and uses for demons, there are hundreds of ways to counteract magic, usually with void tech (which is able to turn off magical energy). While magic is insane, there is always a bigger fish. Enchanted weapons can be excellent but there is a problem, and that is manufacturing. It is challenging to enchant weapons for trillions of soldiers and can be quite costly, so they would only give them the weapon and give them the option to enchant it to suit their purpose.   Now the Templar Armed Force needs its own article to explain what it is. There is a lot of problems about the military that brings complications and explains how they go to war in general. Which I will place the article on the side panel when it's done.   The Templar Elites don't have any training facilities, as it is the planets responsibility to train them up to the force's standards. Which is a problem for the force because each planet is different in terrain and income. Which you can think the planets might not meet the demands of the force so they will outright lie.   Hopefully, this answers your questions if you have any more I will answer them.

19 Feb, 2019 23:16

It seems intriguing that this futuristic group of galactic fighters uses a weapon from 1998. That's an interesting choice. Especially alongside the other crazy futuristic stuff. I think the weapons themselves could use some formatting to make it all a bit prettier and easier to consume.   I think everything under "Auxilia" is prime for using some columns to take up less space! And "Structure" would look great as a Table or RPG Block!   Now for questions! Manpower can be -really- hard to hide. So, people usually make it seem like they have more or less of the number depending on their goals. It's almost impossible to completely obfuscate the numbers of a big organization like this. Especially in a futuristic society that is bound to have surveillance everywhere. At the least, how many soldiers does the Enemy -think- the Templar have?   I get that it's classified, but if people know that the Templar was founded in 2045; they are bound to know some information about what all they've been doing since then! Share some of that with us from an outside perspective!   Thanks for sharing!

20 Feb, 2019 13:07

Thank you for your criticisms and hopefully, I fixed these issues and it looks better.

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Interesting look at this mysterious force, but I feel if there are this mysterious, perhaps there are at least persistent rumors about them floating around the universe? Including some Chuck Norris like mythos about them might spice up the article a bit, as the article is more logistical information focused and thus a little dry.   I advise a grammar check, as there are some issues I noted (I myself use the Chrome extension Grammarly, which usually helps me catch things). Also, I think readability would be improved by at least adding brief descriptive hover text to certain things such as "proxmonians," which the new reader will know nothing about.

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Thank you for your criticisms. I made some changes and hopefully it looks better.

20 Feb, 2019 13:18

definitely better and a lot more interesting to read now! i especially like the training part---so intense!

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My favorite part of this article is the Auxilia section. Having each header be a link to another aspect of the military is very introspective to how this article fits into your worlds military as a whole. Expanding on the summary of each header would do wonders for that section.   I like the the Structure and Weaponry sections too, but I think it would be easier to read if they were either a table or bulleted list. The details here are very nice and it would be great if they could pop out a bit more.  

Used only by the Templar Elites, the vehicle is designed to pierce through the spaceships armour. Making the elites enter the ship and to conduct their mission. The vehicle can carry 15 members at once. The vehicle has defensive weapons to protect the shuttle from harm. These are four 75cal machineguns, 50 homing rockets, and a light laser.
  I also think that the Spear Head section could be worded a little differently. If the first and second sentences here could be combined, I think it would flow better since the second sentence is a little vague on its own. Also, the last two sentences could be combined as is with a semi-colon and would have better grammatical structure.

20 Feb, 2019 13:11

Thanks for your criticisms about my article. I made some changes and hopefully it looks better then before.