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Enhanced Humans

Enhance humans are and cybernetic and genetically improved humans, made to serve the United Galaxy as their soldiers. Unlike their humans counterparts enhance humans are not represented in the species council, meaning they are unable to become civilians or have any civil rights. Enhance humans must live their lives as soldiers, and to forever fuel the fires of war.

Basic Information


Enhance Humans will have the same anatomy as normal humans, expect being more muscular and taller because of the implants they are given.

Biological Traits

Enhance humans have similar biological traits to their humans counterparts. However, because of their augmentations, the enhance humans have more traits.   These specifications are:

  • Bionic replica of the Faramona motor cortex (BRFMC): The BRFMC is a replica of the Faramona motor cortex, which affects the reaction time. This organ will help the enhance human react faster than their human counterpart. This organ is made by using ████, and 3D printed to be similar to the cortex.
  • Second heart: A second heart, which is smaller than the original, the organ will help the specimen to increase their performance. By limiting fatigue, increasing strength, increasing reaction time, and improving the body’s immune system.
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD): The device is inserted into both hearts to act as a failsafe in case one of the hearts go out of rhythm or have stopped.
  • Third lung: This organ is the same size as the other lungs, this will enhance the performance of the specimen by making them being able to survive with less oxygen and increase the strength of the specimen.

  • Bionic ribcage: The bionic ribcage is made to replace the already existing ribs. The ribs are larger and thicker; they are more resilient and flexible.
  • Glifrea gland: The gland is a made to produce hyperarousal and testosterone to improve combat effectiveness and to reduce pain.
  • Spinal shield: The device is made to protect the spine from any form of trauma and as an interface with their power armour.
  • Proxonian regeneration gland: This gland is implanted near the heart. This gland will help the body heal faster and regrow limbs.
  • Genetics and Reproduction

    Enhance humans breed similarly to their human counterpart, however, because of the augmentations they either change or damage the reproductive organs. Usually, the males will not suffer any side effects, but the females will have a higher chance with the change to their reproductive organs, which can lead to infertility or even death from haemorrhaging if mutations are left unchecked.

    Growth Rate & Stages

    For a humans to be an enhance human they must be at the age of 18 and must be physically and mentally fit to be resistant in going through the augmentation process.

    Ecology and Habitats

    Enhance humans are genetically altered to survive in any hostile environment without the need to change the planet's environment.

    Dietary Needs and Habits

    Enhance humans have similar dietary requirements as humans, but because of their augmentations, they require less nutrition.

    Biological Cycle

    Enhance humans will go three stages in their life which are human, augmentation, and enhancement. Human is a stage when they were once a normal human being; the phase will last when they are going to go through augmentation implants. The augmentation stage is when the human will be implanted various organs, cybernetics, and fluids to stimulate and supports the new organs in the body. The subject will go through physiological torture to break down the subject to become more resistant to interrogation and any form of magical mental breaching techniques (such as mind reading, mind control, etc.). The final stage is enhancement; this is when the subject survives the augmentation stage, during the stage the subject is trained to use power armour and more heavy weaponry.

    Additional Information

    Facial characteristics

    Enhance humans have a mouth with lips, a noise, eyes, round ears, eyebrows above their eyes, and hair on their scalps.

    Average Intelligence

    Enhance humans are typically smarter than their humans counterparts. Mainly because of their implants and rigerous training.

    Perception and Sensory Capabilities

    After having an enhance human as their augmentations implanted, their senses are more acute than other races, making them a faster reaction time, better hearing, sight, etc. Enhanced humans, however, lack the group mentality that normal humans have, they prefer to conduct task by themselves than with others.

    Civilization and Culture

    Major Organizations

    United Galaxy


    DATA REDACTED:   In the year 2118 AD David Sd’era approved the super soldier program. The program is made to create a new formation to end the border war.

    Genetic Ancestor(s)
    Scientific Name
    Augebatur Homo Sapiens
    25 - 100 years
    Average Height
    6 - 8 feet tall
    Average Weight
    100 - 150 kilograms
    Average Physique
    Enhance humans are typically muscular; it can change depending on their diet and routine. If they are lazy and have an unhealthy diet, they will gain weight and lose their muscular form. If they are active and eat healthily, they will maintain their muscular structure.
    Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
    Enhance human skin colour change depending on how much UVR (ultraviolet radiation) is on the planet.

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